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Articles From Robert K. Downs

Mission Accomplished (No, Really) By Robert K. Downs June 2006 Column, Page 276 A look at the year just ending and the challenges ahead.
Life, Lawyering, and the Bar By Robert K. Downs May 2006 Column, Page 220 We must continue to promote the ideals that drew us to the profession.
Politics and the Bar By Robert K. Downs April 2006 Column, Page 164 When it comes to promoting the rule of law, lawyers should be political animals.
A Two-Year Term for President? By Robert K. Downs March 2006 Column, Page 108 An update on what has happened and is happening during ISBA's FY '05-'06.
Serving Members and the Public By Robert K. Downs February 2006 Column, Page 60 Much has been - and remains to be - done.
If Not Now, When? By Robert K. Downs January 2006 Column, Page 8 ISBA faces the challenge of implementing a bold new image advertising campaign and CLE on a grand scale. 
A Busy Year, With a Little Help From Our Friend By Robert K. Downs December 2005 Column, Page 612 Much has been accomplished, and we still have half a year to go.
Preaching to the Converted By Robert K. Downs November 2005 Column, Page 556 Solo and small firm lawyers are in touch with the core values of the profession.
Rebuilding Our Credibility by Restoring Our Professionalism By Robert K. Downs October 2005 Column, Page 496 Let's improve our public image by promoting civility and punishing misconduct.
Family Law: A Crucible for Change By Robert K. Downs September 2005 Column, Page 436 If we want to improve the image of our profession, let's improve the practice of family law.
We have met the Enemy By Robert K. Downs August 2005 Column, Page 380  Lawyers should join the front ranks in the battle to improve the justice system.
The Year Ahead By Robert K. Downs July 2005 Column, Page 328 The new ISBA president outlines his plans for the coming year.