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Articles From Tim Eaton

Illinois Supreme Court 2004: Taking on the Tough Issues By Nancy J. Arnold and Tim Eaton April 2005 Article, Page 174 Last year the court confronted contentious issues that matter not just to lawyers but to the public at large.
2003 Illinois Supreme Court Civil Cases: Fees and Family Law, “No” to Immunity, and More By Nancy J. Arnold and Tim Eaton April 2004 Article, Page 180 A look at last year's leading supreme court civil cases.
The Illinois Supreme Court’s 2002 Civil Cases: A New Court Settles In By Nancy J. Arnold, Tim Eaton, and Michael T. Reagan April 2003 Article, Page 172 Our annual review of the leading cases.
Take Pride in Your Profession By Tim Eaton June 2002 Column, Page 280 Justice Felix Frankfurter once said in receiving an award: "Gratitude is one of the least articulate emotions, especially when it is deep.
Putting Family First By Tim Eaton May 2002 Column, Page 224 Jane, Brian, Brent and Amanda; my wife and three children; my family. I have not mentioned them this year in my column.
Supreme Court Review 2001: Getting to Know the New Court By Nancy T. Arnold, Tim Eaton, and Michael T. Reagan May 2002 Article, Page 236 A look at the first year's output of the newly reconstituted supreme court.
Appellate Judges and Lawyers: Building the Edifice of Law By Tim Eaton April 2002 Column, Page 166 When we were in law school we learned the basic principles of constitutional, criminal, contract, and tort law by studying opinions written in our state and federal reviewing courts.
125 Years of Making a Difference By Tim Eaton March 2002 Column, Page 112 Eighty-eight lawyers from 37 counties met in the Sangamon County Courthouse in Springfield on January 4, 1877, to formalize the beginning of the Illinois State Bar Association.
A Matter of Trust By Tim Eaton February 2002 Column, Page 60 When I was growing up in Decatur, I had an image of lawyers that has shaped my view of our profession later in life.
Incivility: The Exception, Not the Rule By Tim Eaton January 2002 Column, Page 8 A few years ago, as we finished closing arguments in a trial, my opposing counsel came over, shook my hand, and congratulated me on a job well done. I reciprocated with the same compliment.
The Season for Giving By Tim Eaton December 2001 Column, Page 618 Tis the Season for giving and lawyers will once again give generously of both their time and money to worthwhile causes. We have a proud tradition of responding to the spirit of this season.
Lawyers Give the Gift of Public Service By Tim Eaton November 2001 Column, Page 562 In August we lost a legend in our profession. William G. Clark was a lawyer, a former legislator and legislative leader, a former two-term attorney general and a justice and chief justice of the Illinois Supreme Court. Justice Clark's contributions to the legal profession and to all three branches of Illinois government are too numerous to mention.
A (Former) Young Lawyer Remembers By Tim Eaton October 2001 Column, Page 508 Recently I attended the Decatur Bar Association corn roast at Rex Brown's home in Decatur. 
Thank You, Senior Counselors By Tim Eaton September 2001 Column, Page 448 On July 12th, the ISBA honored its 50-year members as senior counselors during a luncheon at The Standard Club.
A Preview of the Year Ahead By Tim Eaton August 2001 Column, Page 392 My theme this year; in the 125th year of the ISBA; is Take Pride in Your Profession
The Fight Against UPL Continues By Tim Eaton July 2001 Column, Page 336 Traditionally, the inaugural President's Page is devoted to the new president's own programs for the coming year or to giving him or her an opportunity to share some personal insights or words of wisdom.
Illinois Supreme Court 2000: The Last Work of the Court as We Knew It By Nancy J. Arnold and Tim Eaton April 2001 Article, Page 174 The last body of cases from a court that included Justices Bilandic, Heiple, Miller, and Rathje.
Illinois at Century’s End: The Old, the New, and the Changes Ahead By Tim Eaton and Nancy J. Arnold April 2000 Article, Page 202 In its '99 civil decisions, the court continued to exert authority over the way legislation is passed but defer to legislative policy choices.
Illinois Supreme Court Civil ’98: Back to the Nuts and Bolts By Tim Eaton and Nancy J. Arnold May 1999 Article, Page 250 Sweeping constitutional questions took a backseat to more prosaic — but still important — matters.