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Choosing an E-Filing Service Provider By Ed Finkel November 2017 Article, Page 24 At the top of every lawyer's to-do list before mandatory e-filing takes effect is choosing an e-filing service provider. Early adopters discuss the various options and why you might choose one over another.
The Pro Se Revolution By Ed Finkel October 2017 Article, Page 22 Cases involving at least one self-represented litigant make up most of the civil docket outside Cook County. What does the mean for courts and lawyers in Illinois?
Partnering with Online DIY Services: The Plusses and Perils By Ed Finkel September 2017 Article, Page 22 Chicago-based Road to Status provides immigrants with a DIY application process and attorney referrals. What are the pros and cons for lawyers in joining forces with online legal-service providers?
Mapping Your Client’s Journey By Ed Finkel August 2017 Article, Page 26 What's the experience like at your law firm for the people who matter most - your clients? Isn't it time you asked them?
From Bar to Bench and Back By Ed Finkel July 2017 Article, Page 22 Retired circuit judge, mediator/arbitrator, veteran trial lawyer, football referee, and longtime ISBA champion Russell Hartigan begins his term as ISBA president.
Countdown to Mandatory E-Filing By Ed Finkel June 2017 Article, Page 26 Illinois attorneys soon will have to file civil cases electronically. Here's how you can be ready on day one.
Digital-Age Document Management: A How-to Guide By Ed Finkel May 2017 Article, Page 20 Document management is so much easier in the digital age (think searchability) - and so much harder (think security). But with mandatory e-filing coming soon to Illinois, the stakes for getting it right have never been higher.
Moneyball for Lawyers By Ed Finkel April 2017 Article, Page 26 When it comes to optimizing your business, do you trust your gut? Don't. If you aren't using data to measure what works and what doesn't, you can't be sure you're winning the game.
Transform Your Practice with a Business Plan By Ed Finkel March 2017 Article, Page 32 Kerry Lavelle used a business plan to grow his firm from five to 24 lawyers. You can do it, too, he says.
Making the Most of Online Client Reviews By Ed Finkel February 2017 Article, Page 22 Online reviews are scary - and for most lawyers, inevitable. Attorneys need to promote and defend themselves online without being defensive. Here's how to respond to negative reviews and otherwise manage your online reputation.
Seeing - and Shaping - the Future By Ed Finkel January 2017 Article, Page 24 Sweeping change, much of it technology-driven, is posing new challenges to the legal profession that require new thinking. An ISBA task force is trying to point the way forward for Illinois lawyers.
Well Grounded By Ed Finkel December 2016 Article, Page 20 Lloyd A. Karmeier grew up on a southern Illinois dairy farm and was the first in his family to practice law. A few weeks ago, he completed the journey from one-room schoolhouse to Illinois Supreme Court chief justice.
Are You Getting File Retention Right? By Ed Finkel November 2016 Article, Page 22 Ethics rules and opinions provide a (mostly) clear picture of file retention best practices if you read them carefully. But cheap electronic storage is making discarding files a thing of the past.
Top Billing By Ed Finkel October 2016 Article, Page 22 Law firm billing is full of economic, ethical, and legal stumbling blocks for those who aren't systematic and conscientious about it - and opportunities for those who are, according to practitioners and billing consultants.
The Lowdown on Law Firm Transfers By Ed Finkel September 2016 Article, Page 22 The market for law firms is still maturing several years after transferring a practice became legal in Illinois. A recent buyer discusses the legal, financial, and ethical considerations.
Mapping the Relentlessly Efficient Law Firm By Ed Finkel August 2016 Article, Page 22 In today's competitive legal market, relentlessly efficient firms will succeed where others fail. And the proponents of "process mapping" insist that's just as true for solos as for megafirms.
Stepping to Center Court By Ed Finkel July 2016 Article, Page 22 Joliet and Wheaton trial lawyer Vincent F. Cornelius, the first African American to lead the ISBA, will focus his year on new lawyers, diversity and inclusion, and high-quality CLE for small-firm lawyers.
Preventive Regulation By Ed Finkel June 2016 Article, Page 22 Illinois attorney regulators are taking a hard look at "proactive management-based regulation," which would encourage - and perhaps someday require - lawyers to put systems in place that help prevent ethical missteps before they happen.
The Perils of Witness Prep By Ed Finkel May 2016 Article, Page 20 Lawyers owe it to clients to thoroughly prepare witnesses to testify. On the other hand, they have a duty not to present false evidence. Here are best practices for ethical-yet-effective witness preparation.
Are We Making Murderers? False Confessions and Coercive Interrogation By Ed Finkel April 2016 Article, Page 22 It's no secret that criminal suspects in Illinois and elsewhere confess to crimes they didn't commit, often after aggressive police interrogation. But how widespread are false confessions in the post-Jon Burge era?
Mandatory E-Filing Is Coming By Ed Finkel March 2016 Article, Page 30 Effective January 1, 2018, electronic filing will be mandatory in all 102 counties in Illinois. How will it work? Attorneys and judges share their hopes and concerns.
Lincoln and Herndon 2016 By Ed Finkel February 2016 Article, Page 22 If Abraham Lincoln were practicing today, what management techniques and tech tools should he use? LPM experts offer advice.
Supercharged Social Media Marketing By Ed Finkel January 2016 Article, Page 24 Are you using Google Plus? Blogging? Using video? Describing yourself consistently across social media and the web? Find out what social media power users are doing to market their practices.
Limited Scope Representation: Tales from the Trenches By Ed Finkel December 2015 Article, Page 24 The limited scope rules have been in place for a few years now, and savvy, forward-thinking lawyers are using them to serve clients who would otherwise be lost to online document services.
Creating a Client-Centered Practice By Ed Finkel November 2015 Article, Page 26 In a tough legal marketplace, putting clients first and providing excellent service is a must. It starts with putting yourself in the client's place.
Keeping the Road Safe and the Law Sane By Ed Finkel October 2015 Article, Page 24 The ISBA Traffic Law Section had one of its best years ever this legislative session, helping advance laws that remove harsh and counterproductive DUI restrictions while keeping (and sometimes boosting) appropriate punishments.
The ABCs of LLLTs By Ed Finkel September 2015 Article, Page 20 Proponents say limited license legal technicians provide legal representation to people who couldn't otherwise afford it. Critics argue they'll compete with underemployed lawyers and lower the quality of legal services.
Making the Ask By Ed Finkel August 2015 Article, Page 20 What can female attorneys - and firms that want to hire and keep them - do to ensure that their compensation and opportunities keep pace with their talent and commitment?
An Immigrant’s Tale By Ed Finkel July 2015 Article, Page 22 ISBA President Umberto Davi arrived as a 14-year-old from Sicily and rose to success in law and life.
The Two Faces of Eavesdropping By Ed Finkel June 2015 Article, Page 20 The new Illinois eavesdropping law makes it easier to record police in public settings - but it also gives police more power to eavesdrop on citizens' conversations.