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Articles From Todd H. Flaming

Creating a Small Office Network, Part II By Todd H. Flaming October 2002 Column, Page 553 Here's the hardware and software you need to network the computers in your office and increase your efficiency and productivity.
Build an Online Law Library for Free (Mostly) By Todd H. Flaming April 2002 Column, Page 211 The print law library is dead. Long live the Internet law library.
Technology Training: Why It’s a Must By Todd H. Flaming December 2000 Column, Page 723 You'll waste your investment in hardware and software if you don't invest some time and effort in training people how to use it.
ISBA Computer Book Brings You into the 21st Century By Todd H. Flaming August 2000 Column, Page 475 Find out how to put computers to work in your practice with this new book from the ISBA's Committee on Legal Technology.
Using PowerPoint to Power Your Argument By Todd H. Flaming June 2000 Column, Page 357 PowerPoint is a powerful, easy-to-use program that can spice up your presentation. And it's probably already on your computer.
Electronic Briefs: The Time Has Come By Todd H. Flaming April 2000 Column, Page 233 Here's how to create an electronic brief that includes exhibits, signed documents; everything you'd include in a paper version. For an example, see /ibj/apr00lj/ebrief.pdf.
Cell Phones and the Next Big Thing By Todd H. Flaming February 2000 Column, Page 107 Cell phones are about to take a quantum leap in power and functionality — maybe you’d best sit tight until they do.
How to Produce Computer Data in Discovery By Todd H. Flaming October 1999 Column, Page 555 Requests to produce computer data are increasingly common; here's a primer on how to comply.
Linux: The New, Free Kid on the Block By Todd H. Flaming February 1999 Column, Page 107 Could the Linux operating system become a serious alternative to Windows? Here's a review.
How to Survive the Year 2000 Computer Crisis By Todd H. Flaming December 1998 Column, Page 697 At least you don't need to build a bomb shelter ... or do you?