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Articles From Celia Guzaldo Gamrath

Declaratory Judgments and Premarital Agreements: In re Marriage of Best By Celia Guzaldo Gamrath April 2009 Article, Page 188 With Best, the Illinois Supreme Court allows before-trial declaratory judgments to determine the validity of a premarital agreement.
UCCJEA: A New Approach to Custody Jurisdiction and Interstate Custody and Visitation By Celia Guzaldo Gamrath April 2004 Article, Page 204 A look at the new law and the changes it makes in the way courts determine custody jurisdiction.
Visitation Abuse v Unlawful Visitation Interference; Is There Comfort for Noncustodial Parents? By Celia Guzaldo Gamrath September 2003 Article, Page 450 A comparison of the civil visitation abuse statute and criminal visitation interference law.
New Options at Divorce: Legislation Treats Stock Options as Marital Property By Celia Guzaldo Gamrath March 2002 Article, Page 139 A review of the new law governing the classification and division of stock options upon divorce.
Enforcing Orders of Protection Across State Lines By Celia Guzaldo Gamrath August 2000 Article, Page 452 Is your client protected when she crosses state lines with an order of protection? Read and find out.
A Lawyer’s Guide to Eavesdropping in Illinois By Celia Guzaldo Gamrath July 1999 Article, Page 362 Your client comes to you, Linda-Tripp style, with a tape-recorded conversation: What do you do? Read and find out.