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Articles From Kimberly Glasford

Discovering a Defendant’s Identity: The Evolution of Rule 224 By Kimberly Glasford April 2016 Article, Page 28 For plaintiffs who need to identify defendants before suing for damages - or, perhaps, hope to "out" or shame them - Illinois Supreme Court Rule 224 can be an option. But despite a few decisions interpreting the rule, the law remains uncertain.
Restoring Lost Jurisdiction: The Revestment Doctrine By Kimberly Glasford September 2015 Article, Page 42 The revestment doctrine allows parties to revest a circuit court with jurisdiction lost with the passage of time. Learn how you can use it to your strategic advantage.
Fighting UPL after Downtown Disposal By Kimberly Glasford November 2013 Article, Page 574 Downtown Disposal held that a layman's UPL on behalf of a corporation does not automatically void the proceedings. But the author argues that lawyers still have many UPL-fighting tools.