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Articles From Michael K. Goldberg

Using Expert Testimony to Make the Case for Grandparent Visitation By Michael K. Goldberg October 2015 Article, Page 38 Thanks to a recent Illinois Appellate Court case, grandparents have a roadmap for using expert testimony to win court-ordered visitation with their grandchildren.
Flynn v Henkel: A Heavy Burden for Petitioners Under the Grandparent Visitation Act By Michael K. Goldberg May 2008 Article, Page 244 Grandparents must show that the child's health, safety, and welfare will be adversely affected if visitation is denied, the supreme court rules.
New Amendments to the Illinois Grandparent Visitation Statute By Michael K. Goldberg December 2006 Article, Page 660 Effective January 1, grandparents can petition for visitation during a divorce and after some types of adoptions.
The New, Narrower Illinois Grandparent Visitation Statute By Michael K. Goldberg November 2004 Article, Page 578 The legislature takes another crack at grandparent visitation.
Can Court-Imposed Grandparent Visitation Survive Wickham v Byrne? By Michael K. Goldberg September 2002 Article, Page 458 Only if the General Assembly stays within the limits imposed by the U.S. and Illinois Supreme Courts, the author warns.