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Articles From Kelly M. Greco

The Shrinking Warranty of Habitability: Fattah v. Bim By Kelly M. Greco October 2016 Article, Page 36 If a buyer waives the implied warranty of habitability and later sells the home, does that waiver protect the builder against claims by the second buyer, even if buyer #2 didn't know about the waiver? In Fattah v. Bim, the Illinois Supreme Court says "yes."
Challenging Voluntary Acknowledgments of Paternity By Kelly M. Greco and Stephanie R. Hammer September 2014 Article, Page 432 Parties in juvenile and divorce cases sometimes want to challenge a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity under the Illinois Parentage Act. Find out when and why these efforts succeed.
No More ‘Debtors’ Prison’: Greater Notice, Protections for Judgment Debtors By Kelly M. Greco and Stephanie R. Hammer March 2013 Article, Page 134 A recently enacted law gives debtors better notice of collection proceedings and protects their rights once they have begun.
Enforcing Non-Compete Clauses in Illinois after Reliable Fire By Kelly M. Greco, David J. Fish, and Shannon Barnaby April 2012 Article, Page 196 A look at enforcing restrictive covenants in the wake of the Illinois Supreme Court's Reliable Fire ruling, complete with practice tips for lawyers on both sides of a non-compete case.