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Articles From Lin Hanson

The Joy of Being Disregarded By Lin Hanson September 2012 Column, Page 500 Should your client be a "disregarded entity" for tax purposes?
Downsizing Shareholders’ Fiduciary Duties By Lin Hanson June 2011 Column, Page 314 The fiduciary obligations of corporate shareholders get a trim.
LLC Members by Default? By Lin Hanson June 2010 Column, Page 328 If an LLC member loses her shares, to what extent does a creditor stand in her shoes?
Managers’ Fiduciary Duty: Fixing the Illinois LLC Act By Lin Hanson September 2009 Column, Page 474 LLC members who exercise the power of a manager now owe a fiduciary duty to the company.
Directors’ Duty to Creditors By Lin Hanson March 2009 Column, Page 152 If a corporation becomes insolvent, directors and officers owe a duty to creditors.
Helping Clients Observe Corporate Formalities By Lin Hanson December 2008 Column, Page 640 By helping corporate clients with minutes, meetings and more you demonstrate your business value.
The Business Corporation Act’s “Quickie” Claim Bar By Lin Hanson September 2008 Column, Page 480  Dissolving corporations can use this to reduce the period during which they remain liable.
Don’t Use an LLC for asset protection By Lin Hanson June 2008 Column, Page 314 Learn how creditors can get at an llC member's personal assets.
Puelo v Topel: the Court Got It Wrong By Lin Hanson and Charles (Bud) W. Murdock March 2008 Column, Page 158 Puelo wrongly held that a dissolved LLC was on the hook for liabilities incurred after the dissolution.    
LLCs and Asset Protection By Lin Hanson December 2007 Column, Page 662 LLCs afford clients protection from creditors, but not unlimited protection.
How the Business Services Department Can Help You By Lin Hanson September 2007 Column, Page 492 Online filing? Advance review of filings? The SOS offers that and more.
Simultaneous Offers for Partnership Break-Ups By Lin Hanson June 2007 Column, Page 328 Is your client ready to break up with a business partner? If so, here's some advice.
LLC Operating Agreements By Lin Hanson March 2007 Column, Page 152 Written agreements allow you to define relationships among shareholders, members, and partners.
Shareholder Agreements in Illinois By Lin Hanson December 2006 Column, Page 680 The history of - and practice pointers about - shareholder agreements for close corporations.
Corporate Voting By Lin Hanson September 2006 Column, Page 500 A refresher course on corporate voting rights.
Fair Value Redux By Lin Hanson June 2006 Column, Page 318 Proposed legislation would clarify LLC minority shareholders' rights and remedies.
Selling a Client’s Company: A Cautionary Tale By Lin Hanson March 2006 Column, Page 150 The seller's lawyer should make like the buyer's and take a critical look at the business before the sale.
LLC Potpourri By Lin Hanson December 2005 Column, Page 646 Series LLCs are a valuable tool, but they're expensive. here are some money-saving tips.
Planning for Business Breakups By Lin Hanson September 2005 Column, Page 482 Pre-planning helps make endings happy – or at least less unhappy.  
Administrative Dissolution: Tearing a Hole in the Corporate Veil By Lin Hanson June 2005 Column, Page 312 Involuntary dissolution for failure to pay taxes or fees can put directors and officers at risk.
For LLC Minority Owners, “Fair Value” Often Isn’t By Lin Hanson March 2005 Column, Page 148 Minority shareholders' lack of control can make their shares worth less if they try to sell out.
What Series LLCs Can Do for You By Lin Hanson December 2004 Column, Page 648 They can spread risk at lower cost in money and hassle.