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Articles From Hon. Michael B. Hyman

Reining in Implicit Bias By Justice Michael B. Hyman July 2017 Article, Page 26 Implicit bias poses a constant challenge to lawyers and judges. Nothing will eliminate it, but we can reduce its influence.
Implicit Bias in the Courts By Justice Michael B. Hyman January 2014 Article, Page 40 Implicit bias and stereotypes can affect the fairness of legal proceedings. It's important for lawyers and judges to examine unconscious attitudes and their hidden dangers.
Proposed Rule 225: Does Illinois Need a New Class-Action Rule? By Michael B. Hyman, Carol V. Gilden, Melinda J. Morales, Adam J. Levitt, Michael A. Pope, and Steven F. Pflaum April 2005 Article, Page 202 Proponents say Rule 225 would stop class-action abuse; Opponents say it isn't needed.