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Articles From Michele M. Jochner

Vehicle Searches Incident to Arrest in Illinois after Gant By Michele M. Jochner January 2013 Article, Page 30 In Arizona v. Gant, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed warrantless searches when an arrestee is unsecured and can reach the passenger compartment or it's "reasonable to believe" incriminating evidence "might be" inside. But Gant raises as many questions as it answers - here's a look at how Illinois courts have reacted.
Illinois Supreme Court Rule Changes: The Year So Far By Michele M. Jochner October 2011 Article, Page 520 From new IOLTA rules to a new official citation system, a range of important supreme court rule changes took effect from January through September of 2011.
What’s the Measure of Judicial Excellence? By Hon. Lloyd A. Karmeier, Hon. Morton Denlow, Alfred M. Swanson, Jr., Celia G. Gamrath, Hon. Edward J. Schoenbaum, and Michele M. Jochner October 2002 Article, Page 516 What separates a merely competent judge from an excellent one? Here's a review of the qualities.
Privacy Versus Cyber-Age Police Investigation; The Fourth Amendment in Flux By Michele M. Jochner February 2002 Article, Page 70 In last term's Kyllo decision, the Supreme Court restricted police power to use sense-enhancing technology. Here's an analysis of the decision and its implications.
Recent U.S. Supreme Court Fourth Amendment Rulings Expand Police Discretion By Michele M. Jochner October 2000 Article, Page 576 Far from drawing bright lines, these rulings have raised new uncertainties, this author argues.
An Overview of the Juvenile Justice Reform Provisions of 1998 By Michele M. Jochner March 1999 Article, Page 152 A review of important changes wrought by this sweeping new law.
The U.S. Supreme Court Expands Excessive Fines Clause Protection in Austin and Bajakajian By Michele M. Jochner February 1999 Article, Page 78 These two rulings give practitioners new ammunition with which to challenge civil and administrative fines and sanctions.