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Articles From Phill Johnson

Illinois Agencies on the Web By Phill Johnson September 2004 Column, Page 493 More and more information is available on state agency Web sites, much of it useful to lawyers and – best of all – free.
At Last, a New Guidebook for Illinois Legal Researchers By Phill Johnson May 2004 Column, Page 271 Here's review of the first new Illinois legal research tome in well over a decade.
Have Online Citators Made Print Obsolete? By Phill Johnson March 2004 Column, Page 155 Have we reached the point that using print citators to track the subsequent treatment of a case begs a malpractice suit?
Free on the ‘Net: FindLaw, LexisONE and More By Phill Johnson November 2003 Column, Page 579 West Group and LexisNexis both offer free online research services that, while much more modest than Lexis and Westlaw, are well worth visiting.
How to Find Jury Instructions By Phill Johnson July 2003 Column, Page 361 Jury instructions aren't hard to find in print, but you'll have less luck searching online.
Using the ‘Net to Research Illinois Legislative History By Phill Johnson March 2003 Column, Page 147 Thanks to the General Assembly's Web site, researching recent legislative history is easier than ever. Here's a step-by-step guide.