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Articles From Thomas J. Kasper

A Checklist for Building or Defending Against A Maintenance Case By Thomas J. Kasper May 2012 Article, Page 256 The IMDMA's 12 factors for calculating maintenance amount to a checklist for both sides in a divorce where maintenance is an issue. This article discusses each factor.
The Impact of Order-of-Protection Remedies on Divorce By Thomas J. Kasper June 2008 Article, Page 310 Some OP remedies, such as temporary custody, can have a huge effect on a subsequent divorce. Find out how to protect your client's interest.
Obtaining and Defending Against an Order of Protection By Thomas J. Kasper June 2005 Article, Page 290 Orders of protection can become part of the gamesmanship of divorce. Here's how to represent plaintiffs and defendants in OP proceedings.