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Articles From Brendan Max

Ending the One-Man Show-Up By Brendan Max December 2015 Article, Page 36 In a show-up, police bring a suspect back to the scene for a witnesses i.d. This article discusses its inherent risks and suggests that face-recognition technology may offer an alternative.
The Duty to Disclose Exculpatory Evidence Discovered After Trial By Brendan Max March 2006 Article, Page 138 The author argues that such a duty exists based on the U.S. Supreme Court's Brady case and Illinois discovery and ethics rules
Admitting Other-Crimes Evidence: A Call for Change By Brendan Max March 2003 Article, Page 132 When can; and should; evidence that the defendant committed other crimes be admitted to help establish guilt of the crime charged?
Criminal Accountability and “Mere Presence” in Illinois By Brendan Max May 2001 Article, Page 248 A look at the many recent cases where convictions based on accountability were reversed by a reviewing court.