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Articles From Markus May

Shareholder Drag-Along Rights in Illinois By Markus May June 2012 Article, Page 320 Drag-along rights let majority shareholders force others to sell at the same price and on the same terms, making the shares more valuable. The author argues they should be enforceable in Illinois and offers a checklist for drafting drag-along provisions.
Business Lawyers and the New Ethics Rules By Markus May October 2010 Column, Page 540 It's now easier to represent multiple clients, and to practice in Illinois if you're from out of state.
Helping Business Owners Avoid Personal Liability By Markus May June 2007 Article, Page 310 A recent case describes how business owners should run their companies as separate entities to avoid being held personally liable.
Voluntary Dismissals in Illinois – a Critical Review By Markus May September 2004 Article, Page 484 The author examines the right to non-suit in Illinois and opines that it should be limited.