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Articles From Katarinna McBride

Looking at 2011 and Beyond By Mary Cascino and Katarinna McBride November 2011 Column, Page 584 A late-2011 look how recent rulings should influence your estate-planning advice.
Planning for a Civil Life By Katarinna McBride August 2011 Column, Page 421 Illinois' civil union law presents opportunities and challenges to those who advise same-sex couples.
B-DIT, B-DIT: Tax Planning More Thrilling than Michael Jackson By Katarinna McBride May 2011 Column, Page 262 Here's a new asset-protection strategy so cool you can dance to it.
A Sigh of Tax Relief By Katarinna McBride February 2011 Column, Page 100 There's a lot for estate planners to like about the new federal tax law.
Back to the Future: Estate Planning for 2010 and Beyond By Katarinna McBride November 2010 Column, Page 590 Estate planners look for ways to use this year's expiration of the estate tax to clients' advantage.
Clearer Guidance for Estate Planning Lawyers By Katarinna McBride and Graham B. Schmidt August 2010 Column, Page 433 What about clients with diminished capacity? Confidentiality and prospective clients? Here's a look.
The Anna Nicole Smith Case: an Opera in Five Acts By Katarinna McBride May 2010 Column, Page 266 Is the battle over Anna Nicole Smith's husband's estate finally over?
The Estate Tax- dumped on New year’s Eve By Katarinna McBride February 2010 Column, Page 104 Congress defied the conventional wisdom and let the estate tax die. What will replace it?
Winning at Darwin’s Game By Katarinna McBride August 2009 Column, Page 420 Survivor-style challenges and opportunities confront estate planners.
Passing the Buck: Private Split-Dollar for Every Vocabulary By Katarinna McBride May 2009 Column, Page 262 Split-dollar agreements allow wealthy clients to use life-insurance trusts to avoid gift taxes and maximize estate value.
Estate Planning for FDIC Coverage By Katarinna McBride November 2008 Column, Page 590 New FDIC rules provide more protection for revocable trusts.
Anna Nicole Smith’s Will By Katarinna McBride May 2007 Column, Page 270 Informal speculation about what becomes of Anna Nicole's estate.