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Articles From Hon. Barbara A. McDonald

The Top 10 Ways to Avoid Losing a Motion for Summary Judgment By Hon. Barbara A. McDonald March 2004 Article, Page 128 Learn how to improve your odds of winning a summary judgment motion or, as a nonmovant, how to spot flaws in your adversary's argument.
Striking the Right Balance: New Supreme Court Rule 213 By Hon. Barbara A. McDonald August 2002 Article, Page 406 While not perfect, the newly amended version of Rule 213 should require adequate disclosure while reducing hypertechnical motions.
Rule 213(g): The “Solution” to Rule 220 Creates New Problems By Hon. Barbara A. McDonald February 2001 Article, Page 80 Last month's IBJ focused on the practical implications of Rule 213(g); this month's article undertakes a thorough analysis and offers recommendations for improvement.
“Same Part of the Body Rule” Revised: Admissibility of Prior Injuries in PI Cases By Hon. Barbara A. McDonald August 1999 Article, Page 414 A critical look at recent cases modifying the rule that allows admission of prior injuries to the same part of the plaintiff's body.