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Articles From Richard L. Miller, II

Using Class Actions for Credit Card Data Theft By Richard L. Miller and Stephen C. Jarvis August 2016 Article, Page 42 A recent seventh circuit case finds that the risk of eventual damage from a data breach is injury enough to give standing to bring a class action.
The Dangers of Litigating in the Media By Richard L. Miller, II January 2012 Article, Page 42 A look at the risks your client takes by publicly discussing an ongoing case and why doing so is usually a bad idea.
When Can You Defend Both a Corporation and Its Officers? By Richard L. Miller, II and Joshua E. Liebman December 2009 Article, Page 618 When they're sued, corporations and their officers often turn to the corporation's lawyer. But look out for conflicts of interest before you undertake joint representation.
Departing Executives and the Wage Payment Act By Richard L. Miller and John Haarlow, Jr. March 2008 Article, Page 138 The Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act can be a powerful tool for departing executives who haven t been properly compensated.
TROs: A Guide to Winning Emergency Relief in Illinois By Richard L. Miller, II October 2005 Article, Page 530 A step-by-step guide to seeking temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions.
An Introduction to Opinion Testimony Disclosures in Illinois By Richard L. Miller, II January 2001 Article, Page 18 An overview of Rule 213(f) and (g) and the cases interpreting them.