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Articles From Cheryl Niro

The Discontented Lawyer: A Call for a New Professionalism By Cheryl Niro November 2012 Article, Page 604 Research indicates that much of our lawyerly unhappiness is wired into us. But that doesn't mean we should give up on greater professional and personal satisfaction.
It’s A Wonderful Life By Cheryl Niro June 2000 Column, Page 304 Every Christmas Eve I watch Frank Capra's It's A Wonderful Life while I finish wrapping gifts and preparing for the next day.
Healing: It Takes More Than a Village By Cheryl Niro May 2000 Column, Page 248 Each time I reflect on our recent trip to Africa my first vision is of the little children we met in a tribal village in Zambia.
Another Look at the Future By Cheryl Niro April 2000 Column, Page 190 Imagine sitting in a room filled with lawyers from across the nation and hearing that 99 percent of white-collar jobs that we know today will be gone or unrecognizable within the next 10 years.
A Letter to Our Children By Cheryl Niro January 2000 Column, Page 8 Around this time I set goals for the new year.
Happy Holidays from The Niro Family By Cheryl Niro December 1999 Column, Page 628 As we celebrate these very special holidays.
Healing Victims, Offenders and Communities: Restorative Justice By Cheryl Niro November 1999 Column, Page 568 One of the memories of my childhood is the day I had a fight with my best friend. Funny, I don't remember what caused the argument.
Healing and the Criminal Justice System By Cheryl Niro October 1999 Column, Page 512 I have had the opportunity to hear Attorney General Janet Reno speak several times in the past years.
Imposing Order on the Disorder of Experience By Cheryl Niro August 1999 Column, Page 400 As I sit at my computer today facing a blank screen and the knowledge that my President's Page is now past due, I am suddenly conscious of the public focus on our profession these recent days.
Lawyers: Healers of Conflict By Cheryl Niro July 1999 Column, Page 347 Many years ago I organized the statewide celebration of the Bicentennial of the U.S.