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Articles From Charles J. Northrup

Inform Yourself about Informed Consent By Charles J. Northrup October 2017 Column, Page 52 Nearly a third of Illinois ethics rules require lawyers to get a client's informed consent before proceeding. But what is "informed consent"?
Ethics and Airport Lawyers By Charles J. Northrup April 2017 Column, Page 50 Here's why the prohibition against in-person solicitation almost certainly didn't apply to lawyers who advertised their services in response to President Trump's immigration order.
Beware the Specter of the Nonrefundable Advance Fee By Charles J. Northrup October 2016 Column, Page 54 Any fee is refundable if it wasn't earned or isn't reasonable. Calling an advance fee "nonrefundable" is usually asking for trouble.
Avvo and the Ethics of ‘Lead Generation’ By Charles J. Northrup April 2016 Column, Page 54 Lead-generating services are proliferating - don't step onto ethical thin ice.
Rethinking Email Encryption By Charles J. Northrup October 2015 Column, Page 46 Evolving ethics standards make it more important than ever for lawyers to understand encryption.
Pitching: Bring Your ‘A’ Game By Charles J. Northrup April 2015 Column, Page 44 There's nothing wrong with pitching yourself to a prospective client – as long as you follow key ethics rules.
The Disengagement Letter: Saying a Good Goodbye By Charles J. Northrup October 2014 Column, Page 504 Formally acknowledging the end of your representation can lead to a happier ending - and a new beginning.
A Lawyer’s Duty to Understand Technology: The Forest and the Trees By Charles J. Northrup April 2014 Column, Page 196 Lawyers' ethical obligation to understand technology comes under the heading competence.
Blogging, Marketing, and the Rules of Professional Conduct By Charles J. Northrup October 2013 Column, Page 536 A recent Virginia case offers dos and don'ts for lawyer blogging.
Ethics and the Unsolicited Email By Charles J. Northrup July 2013 Column, Page 370 You don't have to respond to unsolicited email, but there's a right way if you do.
New Federal Rules Change Illinois Law on Environmental Due Diligence By Charles J. Northrup October 2006 Article, Page 550 Learn about federal rules, effective next month, governing the "all appropriate inquiry" necessary to establish the innocent landowner defense under CERCLA.