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Articles From James E. Pfander

The Playmate and the Probate Exception By James E. Pfander June 2006 Column, Page 320 The probate exception lay dormant for decades, but Anna Nicole Smith's case revived it.
The Geography of Class Litigation By James E. Pfander March 2006 Column, Page 148 The federal and state high courts have shown a sophisticated understanding of the territorial reach of regulatory power. 
Avery Raises Doubts About the Class Action Fairness Act By James E. Pfander December 2005 Column, Page 648 The supreme court's recent class-action certification case calls the need for CAFA into question.
Standing on Shaky Ground By James E. Pfander September 2005 Column, Page 480 While the Illinois Supreme Court's most recent qui tam case is a victory for plaintiffs, it further clouds standing doctrine.
Adding Insult to Overseas Injury: A Failure of the Forum Non Doctrine By James E. Pfander June 2005 Column, Page 314 Under current doctrine, foreign mass-tort plaintiffs are often left with little or nothing.
The Substance and Procedure of Class Action Reform By James E. Pfander March 2005 Column, Page 144 Make no mistake – the Federal Class Action Fairness Act will bring sweeping changes.
Judicial Ping-Pong By James E. Pfander December 2004 Column, Page 652 A new law allows more discrimination claims against the state.