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Articles From Andrew R. Schwartz

Defending Confession Judgment Cases in Illinois By Andrew R. Schwartz October 2014 Article, Page 494 A confession of judgment lets a creditor take a judgment without notice to the debtor. Here are strategies for representing commercial debtors facing these judgments.
A Divorce Lawyer’s Guide to the Illinois Fraudulent Transfer Act By Andrew R. Schwartz, Thomas J. Kanyock, and Karen Jeffreys September 2011 Article, Page 462 Sometimes a dissipation-of-assets claim under the IMDMA isn't enough when a recalcitrant spouse hides assets. Never fear - the Illinois Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act is here.
Attacking Rule 137 Sanctions Motions as Pleadings By Andrew R. Schwartz and Thomas J. Kanyock April 2010 Article, Page 196 Is a Rule 137 motion for sanctions a "pleading" that can be attacked as such under Illinois law? The authors argue yes.
Recovering Costs in Illinois Civil Actions By Matthew R. Henderson and Andrew R. Schwartz September 2000 Article, Page 504 A review of the authority for recovery of costs; the authors argue for a less restrictive rule.
Resolving Contract Ambiguity: Parol Evidence Versus the Rules of Contract Construction By Andrew R. Schwartz and Matthew R. Henderson April 1999 Article, Page 204 The authors argue that courts should entertain parol evidence only as a last resort.