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Articles From Roman J. Seckel

Who Pays for Unallocated College Expenses After Divorce? By Roman J. Seckel January 2014 Article, Page 28 What happens when a child of divorce's college tuition bill comes due and the parties didn't specify who pays? The language in the divorce decree can make all the difference.
Splitting Up Without Divorce: A Legal-Separation Primer By Roman J. Seckel August 2010 Article, Page 416 A look at the basics of this little-used but sometimes just-right remedy.
Marital and Nonmarital Property: Calculating Reimbursements Under the IMDMA By Roman J. Seckel August 2009 Article, Page 412 A spouse's nonmarital estate can be reimbursed for contributions to the marital estate - and vice versa - but determining the value of those contributions can be tricky.
Standing for Nonparents Seeking Custody or Guardianship of Minors after In re R.L.S. By Roman J. Seckel February 2007 Article, Page 90 The R.L.S. case created differing approaches to standing under the probate act and the IMDMA. The author analyzes the ruling.