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Articles From William Siebers

Paying for Long-Term Care in Illinois By William Siebers and Zach Hesselbaum October 2012 Article, Page 536 There are five ways to pay for long-term care in Illinois. This article discusses all five and brings you the latest on the ever-shifting Medicaid and Veterans' Administration rules.
New Long-Term Care Medicaid Rules Finally Come to Illinois By Diana Law and William Siebers January 2012 Article, Page 30 Effective January 1, Illinois finally brought its Medicaid rules for long-term care into compliance with federal requirements. The new rules make it harder for Illinois long-term care recipients to protect their assets while preserving Medicaid eligibility. Here's what you need to know.
Allowing Child Victims’ Hearsay under Section 115-10: A Critical Analysis By Hon. Robert W. Cook and William Siebers November 2001 Article, Page 582 A critical look at the statute from a justice of the fourth district appellate court.