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Articles From Paul Sullivan

Burnout and the High Cost of Turnover By Paul Sullivan August 2004 Column, Page 431 Does burnout have your best employees looking elsewhere? Learn the warning signs and find out how you can create a less stressful working environment.
Outsourcing Law Office Management to an Expert By Paul Sullivan June 2004 Column, Page 317 You're a lawyer, not a manager. Why not free yourself to practice law by turning over office administration to an expert?
Is It Time to Grow Your Staff? By Paul Sullivan April 2004 Column, Page 215 If you can't seem to catch up to your workload, it may be time to bring in help. Here are some of your options.
How to Increase Your Personal Income By Paul Sullivan January 2004 Column, Page 45 The key: make sure you're recognized as an "expert," especially by prospective clients.
Use Financial, Management Reports to Increase Your Profitability By Paul Sullivan May 2003 Column, Page 257 Your accounting program can produce reports that help you measure productivity and improve your bottom line. Are you using them to full advantage?
Calculated Overhead to Determine Profitability By Paul Sullivan March 2003 Column, Page 143 Can you truly measure how much each lawyer costs your firm and how much profit he or she generates? Here's a guide to getting an accurate cost/revenue picture.
Insuring Your Law Practice By Paul Sullivan January 2003 Column, Page 41 What kinds of insurance does your practice need, and how much? Here's an overview.
Have You Hugged Your Backup Lately? By Paul Sullivan September 2002 Column, Page 489 It's not a matter of whether you'll have a computer failure but when. Here's how to tell whether your backup system is up to snuff.
The Leak-Free Office: Preventing Accidental Breaches of Confidentiality By Paul Sullivan July 2002 Column, Page 377 Are you doing all you should to make sure confidential client information stays that way in your office?
Emergency Preparedness Pointers for Lawyers By Paul Sullivan May 2002 Column, Page 265 Let's face it; sometimes you can't prevent fires, floods, violent attacks and the like from wreaking havoc in the workplace. But you can prepare for the worst.
Protecting Your Firm Against Loss of Key Employees By Paul Sullivan March 2002 Column, Page 147 Do you find yourself printing e-mail missives and saving the paper? Here's a better way to create an e-mail archive.
Make Your Banker Your Partner By Paul Sullivan November 2001 Column, Page 599 Need a loan to grow your practice or even out cash flow? Here's what your banker has to offer and what you'll be asked to provide in return.
How to Boost Office Morale without Spending a Dime By Paul Sullivan September 2001 Column, Page 491 The best motivator isn't money, it's recognition.
An Introduction to Knowledge Management By Paul Sullivan July 2001 Column, Page 375 You've heard the buzzwords, but what is "knowledge management" and what can it do for you? Read on.
Had It with Technology? Remember the (Not So) Good Ol’ Days By Paul Sullivan May 2001 Column, Page 265 A look at how far we've come in law office technology in the last 30-plus years.
Contractor or Employee: Be Sure to Get It Right By Paul Sullivan March 2001 Column, Page 149 You risk financial penalty if you treat an employee as an independent contractor.
Just Another Day at the Office By Paul Sullivan January 2001 Column, Page 43 If you run the business side of a law practice, you've probably had a day or two like this one.
Jump-Start Your Cash Flow By Paul Sullivan September 2000 Column, Page 539 Do you know where your money goes, and where and when it comes in? Here are tips to help you get control of your receipts and expenses.
The Lawyer’s Role in Lawyer/Staff Relations By Paul Sullivan and Kettie A. Sprenger May 2000 Column, Page 287 Are you keeping up your side of the employer/employee relationship?
Talking—and Listening—to Your Employees By Paul Sullivan March 2000 Column, Page 171 Taking the time to communicate with workers will pay dividends.
The Three “A”s of Business Planning By Paul Sullivan November 1999 Column, Page 611 If you really want to succeed as a lawyer, you need a plan.
Learn to Be a Lawyer-Entrepreneur By Paul Sullivan September 1999 Column, Page 497 Competition is more fierce than ever, clients are more demanding; but you can rise to the challenge if you think like an entrepreneur, not a ``technician.''
Is Your Office Scam Resistant? By Paul Sullivan July 1999 Column, Page 383 Think no one would try to scam a lawyer? Think again.
Trust Accounts and the New Rules for Real Estate Closings By Paul Sullivan May 1999 Column, Page 281 Now lawyers can conduct real estate closings and distribute checks before the buyer's check has cleared, putting them on a level field with title companies and lenders.
Law Firm Marketing: Does Your Practice Mean Business? By Paul Sullivan March 1999 Column, Page 169 Attorneys are not above the laws of good marketing; ignore them at your peril.
Office Conflict: Are You Coach or Referee? By Paul Sullivan January 1999 Column, Page 55 Too many lawyer-supervisors run from personnel problems. Here's a better approach.
Win Employee Loyalty and Keep the Raiders Away By Paul Sullivan November 1998 Column, Page 639 Small firms face special challenges in keeping and recruiting good staff. But they have some special advantage, too.