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Articles From Alison G. Turoff

Spying Spouses and Their High-Tech Tools By Alison G. Turoff July 2008 Article, Page 348 Divorcing spouses who try to gain the upper hand by catching the other party in the act may violate federal and state eavesdropping and privacy statutes.
The Misuse of Mediation in Joint Parenting Agreements By Alison G. Turoff October 2006 Article, Page 546 What happens when parties empower the mediator not only to help resolve disputes, but also to investigate and punish breaches of the agreement?
Recovering Attorney Fees From the Opposing Party in Illinois Divorce Cases By Alison G. Turoff September 2004 Article, Page 462 A guide through the steps required under IMDMA to recover fees from the other side.