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Articles From James K. Weston

Could a “Clunker” Program Solve the Real Estate Lending Problem? By James K. Weston October 2009 Column, Page 530 How about letting homeowners trade in their high-interest mortgages for fixed-term models?
Missing Mortgage Funds and a Notary Conflict By James K. Weston July 2009 Column, Page 372 Financial institutions seem to be hoarding bailout money, not lending it.
Real Estate on Hold By James K. Weston April 2009 Column, Page 206 The real-estate market, still frozen by fear, is producing few opportunities.
New RESPA Regulation Finally Arrives By James K. Weston January 2009 Column, Page 52 HUD has finally pushed out its RESPA regs. Here's an at-a-glance review.
The New RESPA Regulation By James K. Weston October 2008 Column, Page 532 The Federal Reserve finally issues a new RESPA rule.
“Law-Related Service,” New RESPA Forms By James K. Weston April 2008 Column, Page 212 Real estate lawyers worry about proposed changes in the rules governing "law-related service."
Predatory Lending Laws: The Next, Not Last, Step By James K. Weston January 2008 Column, Page 50 New laws expand the prohibitions on predatory lending.
Predatory Lending: The Continuing Saga By James K. Weston October 2007 Column, Page 554 A new bill would redefine yet again the Illinois' anti-predatory-lending law.
Legislative Developments for Real Estate Lawyers By James K. Weston July 2007 Column, Page 384 Mortgage fraud and bifurcated closings were among the issues for this year's General Assembly.
The Mortgage Rescue Fraud Act By James K. Weston January 2007 Column, Page 52 This law, effective January 1, is designed to protect soon-tobe-forclosed landowners from a "rescue" scam.
The Predatory Lending Database Has Arrived By James K. Weston October 2006 Column, Page 560 Illinois' anti-mortgage-fraud program debuted September 1. Will it fulfill its intended purpose?
The Latest on Predatory Lending Legislation By James K. Weston July 2006 Column, Page 380 Concerns persist about this anti-redlining program.
Predatory Lending, Notary Fraud By James K. Weston April 2006 Column, Page 204 Illinois' predatory lending law gets off to a slow start, and notary fraud arrives on legislators' radar screens.
Predatory Lending Database Pilot Program By James K. Weston January 2006 Column, Page 44 A well-intentional law armed at predatory lending puts title companies and lawyers at risk, the author argues
RESPA – Here We Go Again? By James K. Weston October 2005 Column, Page 540  Is HUD trying once again to amend the RESPA statute by regulation?
The Rental Housing Support Program Act’s Non-Deductible Charitable Donation By James K. Weston July 2005 Column, Page 366 Effective July 1, a new law requires counties to charge an extra $10 for every real estate document they record.
Reducing Real Estate Fraud – Thumbprints and How Much More? By James K. Weston April 2005 Column, Page 208 Two different bills requiring notaries to maintain logbooks and record thumbprints are introduced this session.
Update on Real Estate Tax Law Changes By James K. Weston January 2005 Column, Page 44 Here's a summary of some of the many recent changes in real estate taxation.
A better way to fight fraud is under your thumb By James K. Weston October 2004 Column, Page 542 Let's amend the notary law to require a thumbprint with the signature.
A New Look for Closings Comes to Local Title Offices By James K. Weston January 2004 Article, Page 43 A new law allows a title insurance company to file a certificate of release for any paid-off mortgage.