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Articles From William F. Zieske

Demystifying the USA PATRIOT Act By William F. Zieske February 2004 Article, Page 82 Have you wondered what this massive, controversial Act is really all about? Here's a summary and review.
The Electronic Courthouse in Illinois: Filing, Service, Access, and Privacy By William F. Zieske August 2003 Article, Page 396 A review of Illinois-based e-courthouse initiatives.
JULIE, Digger and Liability for Damage to Buried Utilities By William F. Zieske July 2002 Article, Page 354 A review of the newly amended Underground Utility Facilities Damage Prevention Act, which protects underground utilities from construction damage and governs the legal relationship between contractors and utilities
Your Court Documents Filed Under Seal: Will They Stay Confidential? By William F. Zieske November 2001 Article, Page 572 The northern district adopted a policy that could cause public disclosure of sealed documents; will other courts follow suit?