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The new-lawyer Q and A February 2010 Column, Page 108 Does bankruptcy affect my lottery winnings?
The new-lawyer Q&A January 2010 Column, Page 47 How can I trace a former client?
Presenting property tax appeals October 2009 Column, Page 532 Q: The fair market value of my house has decreased since the recession, but my property taxes haven’t. I’ve filed an appeal of my assessment with the Board of Review, and I’m waiting for the hearing. What is my best argument at the hearing? What should I take with me in the way of evidence? What are my chances in getting the taxes reduced?
When is a Noncustodial Parent Entitled to Maintenance? July 2009 Column, Page 373 Is it customary for a court to award maintenance and/or attorney’s fees to a noncustodial parent who is on public assistance (the custodial parent is surviving on $34K per year)?
Asked and Answered April 2009 Column, Page 204 When does a client have to appear?
Asked and Answered February 2009 Column, Page 104 How do I add a creditor to an old bankruptcy case?
Asked and Answered January 2009 Column, Page 47 Will I lose my stepchildren?
Asked and Answered December 2008 Column, Page 635 How big should your jury be?
Asked and Answered November 2008 Column, Page 592 Can an adopted child inherit from a biological parent?
Asked and Answered August 2008 Column, Page 417 Changing your name on the master roll of attorneys.
Asked and Answered July 2008 Column, Page 369 Is a spouse entitled to corporate assets?
For New Lawyers June 2008 Column, Page 309 An expensive daughter dilemma.
For New Lawyers April 2008 Column, Page 215 Is a co-signer entitled to a foreclosure notice?
Asked and Answered March 2008 Column, Page 151 Should I do a bankruptcy search?
Asked and Answered February 2008 Column, Page 95 Judgments against joint tenancies.
Asked and Answered January 2008 Column, Page 49 Pushing the statute of limitations.
Asked and Answered November 2007 Column, Page 610 What do you do with a difficult judge?
Asked and Answered September 2007 Column, Page 496 What do you do with uncooperative opposing counsel?
Asked and Answered August 2007 Column, Page 435 What kind of client file system is best for your firm?
Asked and Answered July 2007 Column, Page 375 Can small p.i. firms compete with bigger ones?
Asked and Answered June 2007 Column, Page 320 Opening an IOLTA account.
Asked and Answered April 2007 Column, Page 210 "Fraud" versus "fraudulent misrepresentation."
Asked and Answered March 2007 Column, Page 154 When and how do you file a motion?
Asked and Answered February 2007 Column, Page 95 I've got my judgment- how do I collect?
Asked and Answered January 2007 Column, Page 50 What are the rules for serving notice?
Asked and Answered December 2006 Column, Page 682 Must Homebuilders Give Buyers an Express Warranty?
Asked and Answered November 2006 Column, Page 620 Calendaring for the budget-conscious small firm.
Asked and Answered October 2006 Column, Page 559 A guide for representing condo buyers. 
Asked and Answered September 2006 Column, Page 499 Can a client's unemployed ex reduce his child support obligation?
Asked and Answered August 2006 Column, Page 431 Should You Sign Documents As Your Client's Agent?