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Articles on Confidential Information

Provisions of Hospital Licensing Act permitting disclosure of patient information within hospital and to hospital’s counsel held constitutional January 2002 Illinois Law Update, Page 14 On October 18, 2001, the Illinois Supreme Court, on direct appeal, reversed the circuit court, holding that the Hospital Licensing Act, 210 ILCS 85/6.17, did not violate the separation of powers doctrine, did not unreasonably violate a patient's right to privacy, and did not constitute impermissible special legislation.
Criminal records December 2001 Illinois Law Update, Page 624 On October 1, 2001, the Illinois Department of State Police (department) adopted a new Part to section 1210 of the Illinois Administrative Code. 20 Ill Adm Code 1210.
Your Court Documents Filed Under Seal: Will They Stay Confidential? By William F. Zieske November 2001 Article, Page 572 The northern district adopted a policy that could cause public disclosure of sealed documents; will other courts follow suit?
The Attorney-Client Privilege in Director and Shareholder Litigation By Frederick R. Ball October 2001 Article, Page 537 A look at when courts are willing to pierce the attorney-client privilege in director and shareholder litigation.
Attorney-client privilege waived when police reports, containing allegedly privileged statements, were given to testifying expert witnesses; Apprendi concerns are not implicated by court’s imposition of consecutive sentences August 2001 Illinois Law Update, Page 398 On June 1, 2001, the Illinois Supreme Court affirmed defendant Michael Wagener's convictions. Wagener appealed his convictions for murder and concealment of homicidal death on two grounds.
Employee’s comments regarding employer’s possible violation of food inspection rules were protected speech November 2000 Illinois Law Update, Page 624 On September 5, 2000, the seventh circuit court of appeals reversed the district court's grant of summary judgment to the defendants, Hasara and Danner, officials of the city of Springfield, on Myers claim under 42 USC § 1983 alleging violations of her constitutional rights.
A Beginner’s Guide to Information Security and The Legal Profession By Frank P. Andreano October 2000 Article, Page 592 The basics of protecting e-mail and electronic information from interception.
Confidential supervisory information disclosure October 2000 Illinois Law Update, Page 563 On July 28, 2000, the Illinois Office of Banks and Real Estate adopted new sections to section 325 of the Illinois Administrative Code. 38 Ill Adm Code 325.
Appeal of child abuse and neglect investigation September 2000 Illinois Law Update, Page 500 On June 1, 2000, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (department) adopted new sections and amendments to section 336 of the Illinois Administrative Code. 89 Ill Adm Code 336.
The Lawyer’s Journal By Bonnie C. McGrath June 2000 Column, Page 308 Playing the child-support percentages; ADA news and views; please don't squeeze the luggage; and more.
The Lawyer’s Journal By Mark S. Mathewson May 2000 Column, Page 251 You've got mail ... from a client ... and it's OK; fraudulent transfers and tenancy by the entirety; and more.
When a client filed a malpractice counterclaim against his former lawyer, the client did not waive its attorney-client privilege with respect to relevant documents in the possession of the client’s new attorney March 2000 Illinois Law Update, Page 128 In 1986, the defendants, Van Straaten Gallery, Inc., hired the plaintiff to draft contracts that would limit the liability that the defendants owed to consignment artists at their gallery.
The Lawyer’s Journal By Bonnie McGrath October 1999 Column, Page 514 Insurance policies and the discovery rule; read the fine print.
Increased Confidentiality in Child Abuse and Neglect Investigations March 1999 Illinois Law Update, Page 130 On January 15, 1999 the Department of Children and Family Services adopted amendments and added a new subsection to section 431. 89 Ill Adm Code 431.
Attorney client privilege protects correspondence between a client and the law firm first retained by that client to pursue his malpractice claim December 1998 Illinois Law Update, Page 662 On October 14, 1998, the first district of the Illinois Appellate Court vacated a contempt order arising out of a legal malpractice suit.