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Articles on Ethics

Blogging and legal ethics By Helen W. Gunnarsson May 2006 LawPulse, Page 222 Go forth and blog, experts say, but not without educating yourself about relevant ethical issues. 
Are You a “Rules Lawyer”? By Karen Erger December 2005 Column, Page 650 You'd better be. Test your knowledge of the Rules of Professional Conduct and stay on the ARDC's good side.
Correspondence from Our Readers November 2005 Column, Page 554 Poor lawyer image - incivility not the culprit? Mediator as peacemaker.
How to Respond to an ARDC Complaint By Michael L. Shakman and Arthur W. Friedman October 2004 Article, Page 530 You get the dreaded letter from the ARDC– what do you do? Here's a step-by-step guide.
The Client That Got Away By Karen Erger August 2004 Column, Page 433 The statute of limitations is about to toll and your client is nowhere to be found. What to do? A new ISBA advisory opinion offers guidance.
Proposed New Rules of Professional Conduct for Illinois Lawyers By Robert A. Creamer and Thomas P. Luning June 2004 Article, Page 306 A joint ISBA/CBA committee's recommendations for selected new rules of professional conduct.
How Long Must Illinois Lawyers Retain Case Files? By Anton F. Mikel February 2004 Article, Page 76 A look at Illinois' murkey law dealing with who owns the contents of client files and how long lawyers have to keep them.
How the New Governmental Ethics Legislation Affects Lawyers By Jim Covington February 2004 Column, Page 68 If you practice before any of 32 state agencies and commissions or represent local governmental entities, take a close look at the newly enacted ethics-in-government legislation
When Can You Retain Client Files for Failure to Pay Fees? By Patrick Sean Ginty February 2004 Article, Page 97 While retaining liens can be effective, you should understand their scope and effect before you use them.
Learning to Think Like An Ethical Lawyer By Karen Erger October 2003 Column, Page 527 That's right, young lawyer; while you might feel you know little compared to your more senior colleagues, you're fully responsible for properly applying ethical rules.
Leaving with clients in tow By Helen W. Gunnarsson June 2003 LawPulse, Page 274 If you're leaving your law firm and hope to take business with you, consider these ethical and legal issues.
Attorney previously disbarred in Missouri who violates Illinois Rule of Professional Conduct 1.5(f) subject to two-year suspension rather than censure February 2003 Illinois Law Update, Page 62 On November 21, 2002, the Illinois Supreme Court held that attorney Storment violated Illinois Rule of Professional Conduct 1.5(f) when he failed to obtain his client's written consent to a division of fees with another attorney.
Ethics Board established under Gift Ban Act January 2003 Illinois Law Update, Page 14 The Illinois Office of the Comptroller added a provision under 2 Ill Adm Code 626, establishing an Ethics Commission (commission) under the Illinois Gift Ban Act (5 ILCS 425).
Illinois Legal Ethics 101 By Thomas More Donnelly January 2003 Article, Page 18 Answers to some of the most common legal ethics questions.
Reporting Your Partners and Associates to the ARDC By Michael L. Shakman, Arthur W. Friedman, and Thomas M. Staunton March 2002 Article, Page 143 What is a lawyer's Himmel obligation to report other lawyers in his or her firm?
Ethical Campaign Practices for Illinois Judicial Candidates By Hon. Patrick E. McGann February 2002 Article, Page 76 A review of the ethical limitations on Illinois judicial campaigns.
From Office Sharing to Letterhead: The Ethics of Holding Yourself Out to the Public By Deane Beth Brown July 2001 Article, Page 369 A review of the ethical issues facing lawyers as they communicate the nature of their practices.
A Conflicts Primer for General Practitioners By Karrieann Couture Kroeger April 2001 Article, Page 199 Common conflicts and how to avoid them.
Ten Tips for Responding to an ARDC Inquiry By Karen J. Dilibert April 2001 Column, Page 213 Being the subject of an ARDC grievance is a lawyer's nightmare. Here's what to do; and what not to; if it happens to you.
The Perils of Elma Fudd, Esq. - Malpractice Risks in Business Formations By Anne E. Thar December 2000 Column, Page 727 It's a common situation; a small group seeking a lawyer's help in forming a closely held business entity; that presents multiple malpractice traps for lawyers.
Legal Malpractice, Ethics, and Your Support Staff By Anne E. Thar October 2000 Column, Page 603 Learn in chilling detail the enormous risk you take when you cut corners on staff training and supervision, and find out what to do about it.
E-mail and Attorney-Client Communications By Maureen B. Collins September 2000 Column, Page 541 The dangers of e-mail communication and how to reduce them.
Balancing the Tripartite Relationship between Defendant, Defense Counsel, and Insurer By David H. Anderson July 2000 Article, Page 384 A review of issues important both to defense lawyers and counsel for the insured.
Correspondence from Our Readers August 1999 Column, Page 398 The case for attorney-notaries
Conflicts of Interest in Document Authentication by Attorney-Notaries in Illinois By Michael L. Closen and Thomas W. Mulcahy June 1999 Article, Page 320 The authors argue that it's a conflict of interest for lawyer-notaries to notarize documents they have prepared.
Campaign Finance Reform Provisions Enacted; PA 90-737 April 1999 Illinois Law Update, Page 190 Governor Jim Edgar characterized Public Act 90-737, the State Gift Ban Act, as "an important step forward in the reform of campaign finance and ethics laws'' that would "improve accountability and help Illinoisans better understand the political process in our state.''
Attorney client privilege protects correspondence between a client and the law firm first retained by that client to pursue his malpractice claim December 1998 Illinois Law Update, Page 662 On October 14, 1998, the first district of the Illinois Appellate Court vacated a contempt order arising out of a legal malpractice suit.