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Articles on Negligence

The Lawyer’s Journal By Bonnie McGrath August 1999 Column, Page 402 Breach of fiduciary duty: A new application
Bungee-jumping business operating within view of highway owes no duty of care to passing motorists. May 1999 Illinois Law Update, Page 244 On March 19, 1999, the first district affirmed the holding of the Circuit Court of Cook County in this case, holding that the defendant owed no duty of care to passing motorists who may become distracted by the activities of its business.
Construction Negligence: Out from the Shadow of the Structural Work Act By Bruce M. Kohen and Darius H. Bozorgi January 1999 Article, Page 34 A look at construction negligence litigation in the post-Structural-Work-Act present and future.
Suing Your Pet Iguana: Equitable Apportionment, Indivisible Injury, and Comparative Fault By Gordon R. Broom and Robert J. Evola January 1999 Article, Page 28 The authors lament the confusion caused by courts' applying two conflicting theories of comparative fault: equitable apportionment and indivisible injury.