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Articles on Social Media

Read the letters to the Editor March 2010 Column, Page 118 Distracted Drivers
Looking for “facts” in all the Wrong Places By Hon. Ron Spears February 2010 Column, Page 102 Social networking sites are great - unless jurors are using them in ways that threaten a fair trial.
Illinois outlaws DWT (driving while texting) By Helen W. Gunnarsson December 2009 LawPulse, Page 598 Effective January 1, drivers aren't allowed to "compose, send, or read an electronic message." Is PA 96-0130 overregulation or overdue?
Sex offenders banned from using social networking Web sites. PA 096-0262 December 2009 Illinois Law Update, Page 604 Illinois lawmakers recently added new language to the Criminal Code of 1961 to prohibit convicted sex offenders from using social networking Web sites.
Social media and legal ethics By Helen W. Gunnarsson September 2009 LawPulse, Page 438 May an Illinois lawyer list his or her "Specialties" on LinkedIn without running afoul of Illinois RPC 7.4?
Social networking 1.0 By Helen W. Gunnarsson June 2009 LawPulse, Page 278 Despite the newfangled options, blogs and e-mail discussion groups are still excellent ways to connect with other lawyers.
Twitter and Linkedin and Facebook. Oh My! By Helen W. Gunnarsson June 2009 Article, Page 288 Are you Linkedin? Facebooking? Tweeting? Or still figuring out what it's all about and why you should care? Here's a lawyer's guide to social networking.
R U monitoring employees’ text messages? By Helen W. Gunnarsson September 2008 LawPulse, Page 438  An employee had a reasonable expectation of privacy in private e-mail he sent during work hours on his employer-issued pager, the federal ninth circuit rules.
Do We Blawg and How? By Helen W. Gunnarsson May 2006 Article, Page 236 Blogs are sprouting like mushrooms these days, it seems. Why do lawyers blog? Should you join them?