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Government contract procurement policies amended to accommodate ebids August 2013 Illinois Law Update, Page 392 Effective April 19, 2013, the Chief Procurement Officer (the "CPO") for the Illinois Department of Transportation (the "Department") amended the Illinois government procurement and contract provisions, largely in part to accommodate electronic bids ("ebids") by summer 2013. 44 Ill. Adm. Code 6.
A Guide to the Confrontation Clause By Geoffrey Burkhart June 2013 Article, Page 304 When does the Sixth Amendment require prosecutors to produce a live witness rather than an out-of-court statement against a defendant? Here's a look at the latest developments.
A Guide to the Illinois Service Member Civil Relief Act By Grant T. Swinger September 2013 Article, Page 478 Illinoisans in the military - especially reservists - enjoy additional consumer rights designed to protect them while they answer the call to duty. Find out how the SMCRA works.
Happiness Tips from Seligman and Ziglar By Hon. Ron Spears August 2013 Column, Page 432 You can be both happy and healthily pessimistic.
Health care lawyers prep for medical marijuana law By Adam W. Lasker June 2013 LawPulse, Page 278 Health care lawyers prepare to counsel doctors, hospitals, and others how not to run afoul of the "Medical Cannabis" bill.
Health Care Reform: Lawyers are Employers and Consumers, Too By Janan Hanna December 2013 Article, Page 616 What does the Affordable Care Act mean to law firms as employers and lawyers as consumers? Here's a thumbnail sketch.
Hearsay allowed in murder trial under domestic violence exception By Adam W. Lasker January 2013 LawPulse, Page 10 The Illinois Appellate Court ruled recently that hearsay evidence is admissible in a murder trial under a statutory exception for domestic violence prosecutions.
The high court bars a suit filed against dead defendant By Adam W. Lasker December 2013 LawPulse, Page 606 After the defendant died, the plaintiff in a car-accident case failed to sue the estate's "personal representative." That meant the court lacked jurisdiction, the supreme court ruled.
High court: security officers can detain drivers, issue citations on private roads By Adam W. Lasker March 2013 LawPulse, Page 118 The majority says it makes no sense to allow a homeowner's association to build roads but not regulate traffic on them. Critics say the ruling raises more questions than it answers.
Home rule rules, says the Illinois Supreme Court By Adam W. Lasker June 2013 LawPulse, Page 278 Ordinances enacted by home rule municipalities trump state statutes unless the state expressly exercises exclusive control, the supreme court rules in a condo case.
Home-brewing rules added to the Liquor Control Act. PA 098-0055 September 2013 Illinois Law Update, Page 452 The Liquor Control Act of 1934 has been amended to account for the increasingly popular practice of "home-brewing."
How Do I Research That? Find a LibGuide By Tom Gaylord March 2013 Column, Page 158 The LibGuide system connects to thousands of free research guides.
How Not to Be a Victim of Law Firm Embezzlement By Janan Hanna September 2013 Article, Page 456 Employee theft is an all-too-common occurrence. Experts advise lawyers how not to be victims.
Illinois bans using hand-held cellphones behind the wheel By Adam W. Lasker October 2013 LawPulse, Page 498 Effective January 1, Illinois drivers can't legally hold cellphones to their ears and talk. But lawyers and others who have the right technology can still communicate while on the road.
Illinois high court affirms criminal contempt convictions of E2 nightclub owners By Adam W. Lasker May 2013 LawPulse, Page 222 The Illinois Supreme Court reversed a ruling that vacated criminal contempt convictions against the owners of a Chicago nightclub where 21 people were killed in a stampede.
Illinois lawmakers revive overturned armed robbery sentencing enhancement By Adam W. Lasker July 2013 LawPulse, Page 330 After the high court held a sentencing enhancement unenforceable because its penalty was tougher than that of a second law with the same elements, lawmakers changed the elements of the second law and thereby revived the first.
Illinois residents may purchase ammunition in Illinois through the mail. PA 097-1135 February 2013 Illinois Law Update, Page 72 Illinois lawmakers have amended the Hospital Licensing Act's required minimum procedures regarding "clinical privilege determinations" for hospitals' current medical staff members. 210 ILCS 85/10.4.
The Illinois Secretary of State may issue driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants. PA 097-1157 May 2013 Illinois Law Update, Page 228 Illinois lawmakers have amended the Illinois Vehicle Code to allow the Secretary of State to issue temporary driver's licenses to persons without documentation authorizing their presence in the United States. 625 ILCS 5/6-105.1.
Illinois Supreme Court allows interlocutory appeals of suppression orders in juvenile cases By Adam W. Lasker September 2013 LawPulse, Page 446 The supreme court rule change allowing interlocutory appeals remedies "a systemic problem for both prosecutors and defendants for decades," a commentator says.
The Illinois Supreme Court nixes the Amazon tax By Adam W. Lasker December 2013 LawPulse, Page 606 The supreme court invalidated an Illinois law requiring out-of-state retailers to pay Illinois use tax on Internet-based sales, ruling that it was preempted by the federal Internet Tax Freedom Act.
Illinois Supreme Court recognizes doctrine of equitable adoption By Adam W. Lasker May 2013 LawPulse, Page 222 If parents treat a child they have not legally adopted as their own, he can pursue an inheritance even in the absence of their express or implied contract to adopt him, the high court rules.
Implementation of standards of service and customer credits for telecommunication carriers January 2013 Illinois Law Update, Page 16 The Illinois Commerce Commission (the "ICC") adopted new standards for telecommunication carriers implementing service quality and customer credit standards. 83 Ill. Adm. Code 737.
Implementation of the Appraisal Management Company Registration Act May 2013 Illinois Law Update, Page 228 Newly enacted section 1452 of Title 68 of the Illinois Administrative Code, promulgated by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (the "Department"), is directed towards appraisal services and specifies rules implementing provisions of the Appraisal Management Company Registration Act, 225 ILCS 459. 68 Ill. Adm. Code 1452.
Implementing rules for landscape waste composting and on-farm composting facilities February 2013 Illinois Law Update, Page 72 Recently adopted administrative rules regulate the issuance of permits for maintenance of waste composting areas or facilities that exceed applicable rates.
In-line skaters subject to new requirements and allowances on public roadways. PA 097-1023 January 2013 Illinois Law Update, Page 16 The Illinois Vehicle Code now includes a detailed definition of in-line speed skates (625 ILCS 5/1-131.5 new) and amends the definition of pedestrian to include a person wearing in-line speed skates.
Increased juvenile delinquency age. PA 098-0061 September 2013 Illinois Law Update, Page 452 The Juvenile Court Act of 1987 has been amended, changing the definition of a juvenile delinquent to minors before their 18th birthday, raising the age limit a full year. 705 ILCS 405/5-105.
Increased medical license fees. PA 098-0003 September 2013 Illinois Law Update, Page 452 The Medical Practice Act has been amended to increase the various fees for state licensure.
Interpreting federal statutes in state court: the high court speaks By Adam W. Lasker April 2013 LawPulse, Page 170 What happens when state and federal courts disagree about how to interpret a federal statute? The Illinois Supreme Court tackled this difficult question in a recent ruling.
The ISBA and Issues of the Day By John E. Thies March 2013 Column, Page 116 The ISBA has always addressed the most important legal issues.
ISBA Programs and Projects: Looking Ahead, Looking Back By John E. Thies February 2013 Column, Page 64 The Bar Leadership Conference and Lawyers Feeding Illinois are coming up, and the ISBA Midyear Meeting was a success.