Viewing PDFs on an iPad with iBooks

Flip through IBJ, Fastbooks, Section Newsletters, CLE Materials, Board and Assembly Materials, or any other PDF on your iPad!

iBooks is Apple's Bookstore/Reader, but it is great for reading ordinary PDFs too! It is standard on the iPad 2 and also a free download for other Apple iOS devices.

Once you download the PDF in Safari, you will see an "Open in iBooks" button in the upper right of the screen (if you don't see it, just tap on the PDF). Once you tap that, it will be added to your bookshelf, where you can always access it whether online or not.

iBooks also provides some other nice features, like:

  • the ability to search,
  • zooming,
  • the ability to scan the pages visually,
  • a slider at the bottom to quickly jump ahead to other pages, and
  • a bookmark function so you can quickly get back to pages (hint, bookmark the table of contents). 


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If you use something other than an iPad, let us know what reader program you recommend. Or if you use an iPad and recommend a different reader, we'd love to hear that too.