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ISBA Law Ed is the Continuing Legal Education provider for Illinois lawyers. ISBA provides programs on a wide variety of topics, many with a specific emphasis on Illinois law. The association also offers programs in a range of delivery formats – from podcasts to live programs.

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Types of CLE Formats Available

Free CLE

Eligible ISBA members can now select from over 525 hours of online CLE content to earn up to 15 MCLE credit hours (including PMCLE credit) per bar year via our Online CLE Store at no additional cost. Choose topics and programs from ISBA’s top-notch CLE to meet your specific practice needs and earn enough Free Online CLE to meet your 30-hour MCLE credit requirement over a two-year period. Our 6-hour accredited Basic Skills program is also available online at no cost to help our new attorney members meet their newly admitted attorney MCLE requirements for free. Using a computer with Internet access, you can access these programs whenever and wherever you’d like.
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Live CLE

Live ISBA CLE programs are presented throughout the state of Illinois.

Recorded CLE

Because it may not be possible for you to leave the office to attend a program, we offer recorded CLE in a range of formats so you can conveniently earn MCLE credit.

  • Online CLE: ISBA CLE programs available for download, on DVD, CD-ROM, and audio CD

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Accredited Provider


The Illinois State Bar Association is accredited by the Illinois Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) Board to provide MCLE programs in Illinois.

As a private, not for profit voluntary bar association, the ISBA has no role in the administration or enforcement of the Illinois Supreme Court Rule requiring MCLE. Find out more about MCLE.


The ISBA is also approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation as a registered public accountant continuing professional education (CPE) sponsor.

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Member Advantage/ Section Member Discount

You have many choices for CLE, but as an ISBA member, you benefit from the Member Advantage—the best value for the best price. Your membership has never been more valuable or your dues more cost-effective.

Affordable — Just $135* for most full-day programs and $100* for half-day programs ($25 for first-year attorneys and Legal Services Attorneys). Plus you get an additional $10 discount if you register online a week or more in advance. (*Late Registration—additional $15 if received later than one week prior to the program.)

Convenient — Live programming presented in locations throughout the state, as well as electronic CLE in online streaming, DVD and audio, and video formats.

Effective — Programs tailored to meet your needs-hot topics, updates, master's courses-all aimed at helping you practice more successfully.

Section Member Discount — If you are a member of the section presenting or co-sponsoring the program, you receive a $10 discount off the fee. This discount is applicable to full-day and half-day Law Ed programs but not Masters Series programs.

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