Budget & Audit

The mission of the Standing Committee on Budget & Audit is

  • To develop the budget for the Association and to regularly review all financial aspects of the Association's operations, especially including representation of Board of Governors and Assembly in the annual audit of the Association's finances.
  • Will meet independently with Association auditors prior to and during annual audit and be prepared to report thereon to the Board and Assembly.
  • In addition, the committee is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations to the Board of Governors on all present or proposed staff benefits (except the Staff Pension Plan), such as hospitalization, sick leave, disability plans and vacation.

Consists of the First Vice-President, as chair ex officio, the Second Vice-President, and the Treasurer in addition to three other members of the Board of Governors appointed by the President. Other than the First and Second Vice-Presidents, at least one of the members shall have served the previous year.

Committee Roster

  • Shawn S. Kasserman, Tomasik Kotin Kasserman LLC, Chicago, Chair
  • Bridget C. Duignan, Latherow & Duignan, Chicago, Member
  • Wesley A. Gozia, Gozia Law Firm LLC, Carlyle, Member
  • Heather A. McPherson, McPherson Law Offices, Freeport, Member
  • Hon. Tamika R. Walker, State of Illinois, Rockford, Member
  • Sonni Choi Williams, City of Lockport, Lockport, Member
  • Dennis Archer, Illinois State Bar Association, Springfield, Staff Liaison
  • Robert E. Craghead, Illinois State Bar Association, Springfield, Staff Liaison
  • Paula Magdich, Illinois State Bar Association, Springfield, Staff Liaison