2019 Articles

Chair’s column By Athena Taite June 2019 An update on the Leadership Diversity Council from the chair, Athena Taite.
Count Me In reception photos June 2019 Photo highlights from the Count Me In reception hosted by the Diversity Leadership Council on Friday, Dec. 7, at the 2018 Joint Midyear Meeting. 
Diversity committee updates June 2019 Updates from the Human Rights Section Council and Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Committee.
Diversity Leadership Award June 2019 A spotlight on Mario Sullivan, the 2019 recipient of the Diversity Leadership Award.
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Editor’s note By Sandra Blake June 2019 A note from the editor, Sandra Blake.
From the president: Diversity matters By James F. McCluskey June 2019 Every member can contribute to the Illinois State Bar Association's diversity mission.
New Illinois Supreme Court rule promotes diversity of thought and experience By William J. Anaya June 2019 The new Illinois Supreme Court Rule 794 requires licensed Illinois attorneys to attend one hour of diversity and inclusion instruction.
Oscar winner’s speech aims to change the face of Hollywood By Stephanie A. Black June 2019 The 2018 Oscars award ceremony was thick with themes of ending racial and sex-based discrimination and squaring off against the rampant harassment infecting the industry. But, the entertainment industry is not alone in navigating through these issues.