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2016 Articles

Batson turns 30 but still has growing pains By Tom Schanzle-Haskins June 2016 Though the Batson holding has been in effect for 30 years, the Courts and commentators still grapple with how to best implement it in the trial court.
Book review: Breaking Through Bias is a great how-to manual for women to get ahead By Bethany Whittles Harris June 2016 Reviewer Bethany Whittles Harris explains why this book is an essential tool for women lawyers and professionals.
Editor’s note By Sandra Blake June 2016 A message from Editor Sandra Blake.
Homeland Security publishes new STEM OPT rule By Songhee Sohn June 2016 This new rule makes far-reaching changes to the existing program and contains both opportunities and responsibilities for U.S. employers that employ recent foreign national graduates.
The IHRA: Extending protections for pregnant women in the workplace By Catherine D. Battista & Michael Wong June 2016 The amendments to the Illinois Human Rights Act are a step in the right direction, but will likely create many logistical problems and headaches for Illinois employers as they seek to comply with the law.
Kane judicial system changes to better reflect diversity within county By Judith Miller June 2016 It is clear from the voices of our legal leaders that diversity is a prized quality that they agree needs to be nurtured, encouraged, and intentionally sought.
Letter from the Chair By Cory White June 2016 Diversity Leadership Council Chair Cory White shares what progress the group has made in the past year.
Photos from the Symposium on College Sexual Assaults June 2016 See photos of the speakers and attendees of this important event.
Spotlight on Shira Truitt—Getting to know a genuine Champion for Diversity and Defender of Justice By Mary F. Petruchius June 2016 Learn more about Shira Truitt, who was recently nominated for the 2016 Diversity Leadership Award.
Standing Committee on Racial & Ethnic Minorities and the Law By Athena T. Taite June 2016 A message from Athena Taite, Chair of the ISBA's Standing Committee on Racial and Ethnic Minorities & The Law.
Standing Committee on Women and the Law: Our mission By Emily N. Masalski June 2016 A note from Emily Masalski, Chair of the ISBA's Standing Committee Women & The Law.
Transgender issues in schools and the workplace: Personal records By Edward Druck, Jennifer Smith, & Brianne Dunn June 2016 The rights of transgender individuals and the application of those rights in the absence of specific laws leave schools and employers in unfamiliar territory on myriad issues. This article looks looks at the management of records with sensitive information regarding an individual’s gender transition.
We are all in this together By Umberto S. Davi June 2016 A message from ISBA President Umberto S. Davi
Will climate change come soon to college campuses? A Coalition of Diverse Bar Groups Hosts a Historic Symposium on Emerging Law and Other Interventions to Address the Ongoing Scourge Of Sexual Assault on College Campuses By Sharon L. Eiseman June 2016 This past November 6, an incredible all-day Symposium on Sexual Assaults on Campus took place at Chicago’s School of the Art Institute.