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The newsletter of the ISBA’s Standing Committee on Law Related Education for the Public

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Newsletter Articles From 2019

From the chair By Nancy G. Easum January 2019 A note from the chair, Nancy G. Easum.
The joy of sharing our knowledge and experience with high school seniors moving on to college, careers, and beyond By Sharon Eiseman and Karen Dimond January 2019 An overview of the Kickstart to Career Pathways & College, a newly minted program for high school seniors.
Kickstart to Career Pathways & College participants January 2019 Speakers from the Kickstart to Career Pathways & College.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2019: A different perspective on the ‘legacy’ of MLK Jr. from civil rights attorney Vernon Jordan By Sharon L. Eiseman January 2019 While it is important to honor Martin Luther King Jr. for his accomplishments and celebrate his storied career as a civil rights activist, we must continue to work to keep his dream alive.
Ten things to know: Chapman Learning Community August 22, 2018 keynote address By Prof. Tom Klein January 2019 A handout provided to attendees of the Kickstart to Career Pathways & College.