Legal Education, Admission and Competence

The mission of the Standing Committee on is to study all phases of preparatory and legal education requirements for admission to the bar and standards for bar examinations, and to review continuing legal education, competence, and lawyer skills, making recommendations with respect thereto.

Consists of chair, vice-chair, secretary and 18 additional members.

Final Report, Findings & Recommendations of the ISBA Standing Committee on Legal Education, Admission and Competence on the Adoption of the Uniform Bar Examination

Committee Roster

  • Amanda E. Goldsmith, Saint Louis, Chair
  • Wendy H. Vaughn, Northern Illinois Univ College of Law, Rockford, Vice-Chair
  • Megan K. Moore, IL Inst for Continuing Legal Education, Springfield, Secretary
  • David Sanders, Illinois Supreme Court, Marion, Ex-Officio
  • Tom T. Archer, Chicago Title Insurance Company, Chicago, Member
  • Allison K. Bethel, John Marshall Law School, Chicago, Member
  • Colin Christopher Clark, Mathis Marifian & Richter Ltd, Belleville, Member
  • Andrew C. Corkery, Pitzer Snodgrass PC, Saint Louis, Member
  • James A. Doppke, Jr., Robinson Stewart Montgomery & Doppke, Chicago, Member
  • John F. Erbes, Southern Illinois University School of Law, Carbondale, Member
  • John R. Lombardi, Niles, Member
  • Hon. Brian L. McPheters, Ret., Champaign, Member
  • Peter L. Rotskoff, ARDC, Springfield, Member
  • Daniel R. Thies, Webber & Thies PC, Urbana, Member
  • Lois J. Wood, Ret., Edwardsville, Member
  • Kimberly A. Furr, Illinois State Bar Association, Springfield, Staff Liaison
  • Nancy Z. Hablutzel, Durham, Associate Member