The Standing Committee on Legislation has the responsibility for committee execution of legislative program.

Adopted by the Board of Governors in October 1981. Normally consists of Immediate Past President, ex officio, the Third Vice-President, ex officio, two persons who are members of the ISBA Assembly, two persons who are members of the Board of Governors, and 16 additional members selected because of their demonstrated interest, at least two of whom, if possible, should be persons who have served in the General Assembly of the state of Illinois. The Immediate Past President shall be the chair. If he or she should decline such appointment, the First Vice-President, Second Vice-President and Third Vice-President, in that order, shall be offered the office of chair.

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Committee Roster

  • Anna P. Krolikowska, Anna P Krolikowska PC, Northbrook, Chair
  • Steven A. Andersson, Geneva, Member
  • Margaret C. Benson, Chicago Volunteer Legal Services, Chicago, Member
  • Elizabeth E. Clarke, Juvenile Justice Initiative, Evanston, Member
  • Thomas P. Conley, Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP, Chicago, Member
  • Thomas Michael Connelly, Meyers & Flowers LLC, Saint Charles, Member
  • Donald M. Craven, Donald M Craven PC, Springfield, Member
  • Hon. Barbara L. Crowder, Ret., Edwardsville, Member
  • Amber Drew, Clingen Callow & McLean LLC, Lisle, Member
  • Bridget C. Duignan, Latherow & Duignan, Chicago, Member
  • Keith E. Emmons, Meyer Capel PC, Champaign, Member
  • Joseph R. Fortunato, Jr., Momkus LLC, Lisle, Member
  • Jennifer L. Hansen, Hansen & Cleary LLC, Northbrook, Member
  • Heather M. Hurst, Davis Friedman, Chicago, Member
  • Anisa L. Jordan, The Jordan Law Firm, Arlington Heights, Member
  • Justin J. Karubas, Rolewick & Gutzke, P.C., Wheaton, Member
  • Marylou L. Kent, Governmental Consulting Solutions, Springfield, Member
  • Samuel H. Levine, Bryce Downey and Lenkov LLC , Chicago, Member
  • John G. Locallo, Amari & Locallo, Chicago, Member
  • Robert A. Loeb, Law Offices of Robert A Loeb, Chicago, Member
  • Timothy E. Moran, Schmidt Salzman & Moran Ltd, Chicago, Member
  • Chloe G. Pedersen, Fletcher and Sippel LLC, Chicago, Member
  • Frank A. Perrecone, Ferolie & Perrecone, Ltd., Rockford, Member
  • Bruce R. Pfaff, Pfaff Gill & Ports Ltd, Chicago, Member
  • Bradley N. Pollock, Taxman Pollock Murray & Bekkerman LLC, Chicago, Member
  • Raymond W. Prather, Prather Ebner Wilson, Chicago, Member
  • Constance B. Renzi, Mickey Wilson Weiler Renzi Lenert & Julien PC, Sugar Grove, Member
  • Ari J. Scharg, Edelson PC, Chicago, Member
  • Ruth A. Schlossberg, Zukowski, Rogers, Flood & McArdle, Crystal Lake, Member
  • Diana Christine Servos, ST Legal Group, Deerfield, Member
  • John T. Theis, Chicago, Member
  • Sarah E. Toney, The Toney Law Firm LLC, Chicago, Member
  • Angel M. Traub, A Traub & Associates, Lombard, Member
  • Emily R. Vivian, Ehrmann Gehlbach Badger & Considine LLC, Dixon, Member
  • Terrill Allen Wilkins, Abrahamson Rdzanek & Wilkins, LLC, Chicago, Member
  • Bryan J. Wilson, Kogut & Wilson LLC, Chicago, Member
  • James R. Covington, Illinois State Bar Association, Springfield, Staff Liaison