Professional Conduct

The mission of the Standing Committee on Professional Conduct is

  • To review the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct to assure that its provisions adequately address matters of professional conduct and, when deemed necessary, to recommend proposed amendments to the Rules.
  • In the committee’s discretion, to prepare written advisory opinions on professional conduct in response to inquiries or comments  relating to professional conduct, provided no such advisory opinion be published as an opinion of the Association until it has been approved by the  Board of Governors.

Consists of a chair, vice-chair, secretary and  additional members, all appointed by the President.  A quorum of this committee shall be one-third of the active members.

Committee Roster

  • Kathryne R. Hayes, Collins Bargione Vuckovich, Chicago, Chair
  • Barry I. Mortge, Law Offices of Barry I. Mortge, Buffalo Grove, Vice-Chair
  • David E. Hutchinson, GATX Corporation, Chicago, Secretary
  • J. Scott Renfroe, Attorney Reg & Disciplinary Commission, Chicago, Ex-Officio
  • Ava L. Caffarini, Johnson & Bell Ltd, Chicago, Member
  • Stephen L. Corn, Mattoon, Member
  • Robert A. Creamer, Cambridge, Member
  • William Easton, Jr., Wabash County Public Defender's Office, Mount Carmel, Member
  • Daniel S. Ebner, Prather Ebner Wilson LLP, Chicago, Member
  • Mary K. Foster, Ellison Bay, Member
  • Christopher Raul Heredia, CNA Insurance, Chicago, Member
  • David T. Holtermann, Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois, Chicago, Member
  • Joel M. Hurwitz, Saul Ewing LLP, Chicago, Member
  • Britta Jane Johnson, Land of Lincoln Legal Aid, Champaign, Member
  • Julie A. Johnson, Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC, Elmhurst, Member
  • Diane F. Klotnia, Miller Shakman Levine & Feldman LLP, Chicago, Member
  • George E. Marifian, Southern Illinois Arbitration & Mediation LLC, Belleville, Member
  • Hon. Charles D. Mockbee, IV, Fifth Judicial Circuit of Illinois, Danville, Member
  • Sari W. Montgomery, Robinson Stewart Montgomery & Doppke LLC, Chicago, Member
  • David E. Morgans, Lake Forest, Member
  • April A. Otterberg, Jenner & Block LLP, Chicago, Member
  • Steven G. Pietrick, Niles, Member
  • Dennis A. Rendleman, Springfield, Member
  • Emily S. Sutton, Sutton Law & Mediation PC, Macomb, Member
  • Paige Anne-Marie Endsley Tungate, Downey Law Group LLC, Saint Louis, Member
  • Mark L. Karno, Mark L Karno & Associates, LLC, Chicago, Board Liaison
  • Charles J. Northrup, Illinois State Bar Association, Springfield, Staff Liaison