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Now every article is the start of a discussion. If you're a member of the Standing Committee on Women and the Law, you can comment on any of the articles that appear below.

In This Issue…

  • Chair’s Column
    A message from Chair E. Lynn Grayson. 
  • Beating breast cancer one step at a time
    A. Kelly Turner, a partner in the Litigation Department at Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP, provides insight on the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer based on her experience in participating in last year’s Avon Walk Chicago and in organizing a team for 2009.
  • Women who made history during Lincoln’s presidency
    In recognition of the bicentennial of the birth of Abraham Lincoln and National Women’s History Month, take this opportunity to meet or become reacquainted with women who made history during the Lincoln presidential years. Those who paved the way include abolitionists, soldiers, spies, nurses and organizers.  
  • Mediation and Domestic Violence: A practical guide for mediators and attorneys
    While most judges and attorneys agree that mediation is generally a good thing for most custody and visitation cases, there may be certain cases, such as cases that involve domestic violence, that may require special considerations during mediation or perhaps a waiver of mediation altogether.
  • Spring 2009: Launch of The Legal Balance
    Get involved with a new resource for women attorneys to be launched this spring!
  • Approaches and alternatives for implementing a Business Development Initiative
    Many firms have also launched organized Women’s Initiatives that are seeing an increased interest in transitioning from pure affinity groups to become more focused on business development. These initiatives are moving away from “monthly lunches with the ladies” into more substantive vehicles to increase firm revenue, talent pools, etc. with greater accountability to results.

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