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Remembering the past, working on our future—ISBA Women and the Law Committee Chairs

1995-1996—Irene Bahr, Wheaton

1996-1997—Peggy Raddatz, La Grange

1997-1998—Frances Skinner, Chicago

1998-1999—Christine G. Zeman, Springfield

1999-2000—Paula Hudson Holderman, Chicago

2000-2001—Susan M. Brazas, Rockford

2001-2002—Kathryn A. Kelly, Chicago

2002-2003—Gilda Hudson-Winfield, Chicago

2003-2004—Celia G. Gamrath, Chicago

2004-2005—Ellen Schanzle-Haskins, Springfield

2005-2006—Meredith E. Ritchie, Chicago

2006-2007—Claire A. Manning, Springfield

2007-2008—Sharon L. Eiseman, Chicago

2008-2009—E. Lynn Grayson, Chicago

2009-2010—Annemarie Kill, Chicago ■

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