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The new 2011 Guide to the Illinois Statutes of Limitation is here! The Guide contains Illinois civil statutes of limitation enacted and amended through September 2011, with annotations. This is a quick reference to Illinois statutes of limitation, bringing together provisions otherwise scattered throughout the Code of Civil Procedure and other chapters of the Illinois Compiled Statutes. Go to for more information.

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Now every article is the start of a discussion. If you're a member of the Standing Committee on Women and the Law, you can comment on any of the articles that appear below.

In This Issue…

  • Chair’s column
    A message from Committee Chair E. Nicole Carrion.
  • 50 best law firms for women
    Seven Illinois firms made the annual NAFE/Flex-Time Lawyers list published in the September 2011 issue of Working Mother.
  • The new Civil Union Act and its effect on the Illinois Probate Act
    While intestacy laws may protect surviving spouses who are parties to a civil union, it is important to keep in mind that only six states recognize these unions. Therefore, estate planning for disability and death remain important tools for same-sex couples.
  • Incentives to being woman-owned
    Being a woman in business does not have to be a disadvantage, especially if you capitalize on the advantages—some of which are outlined here.
  • Emotional side of civil union law
    The LGBT community in Illinois is now faced with the same issues that heterosexual couples have been grappling with for centuries in one form or another—those related to making an unequivocal proclamation of one’s commitment for the rest of their lives. 
  • We’ve come along way, i-baby
    The author highlights some of the most useful apps for the iPad both in and outside of her practice.
  • Stalking No Contact Order Act
    Since the Stalking No Contact Order Act is relatively new, its effectiveness in addressing this behavior has not been fully measured. It does provide a legal remedy to address what can be an alarming and concerning situation

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