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The ISBA is excited to announce that IllinoisLawyerFinder, our new online member directory, is now available to the public. Unique profiles for all ISBA members (except judges and government lawyers; see below) are included at no cost, and members' names and business information will be viewable by the public unless they choose to keep it private (see below). The new IllinoisLawyerFinder directory has replaced the ISBA's previous member-to-member directory.

In order to find an ISBA member to serve their legal needs, the public will be able to go to and search the directory. The new directory is part of a national, online public lawyer directory,, which was developed by CloudLaw, Inc. In addition to ISBA members, the parent directory includes members of the State Bar of Michigan, Ohio State Bar Association, and, soon, the Indiana State Bar Association. CloudLaw is actively partnering with additional bar associations to bring their members into the directory and create the preeminent, bar-approved online lawyer directory. The ISBA believes the new directory will provide members with the tools necessary to enhance their unique online presence and foster both client and peer connections.

Updating Your Profile

  1. Log into by clicking on "ISBA Member Login" in the upper-right-hand corner of your screen (if you're already logged in, click on "My Account" in the same location).
  2. Once you are on your account page, verify the accuracy of your account information and select your "Online Public Directory Settings."
    1. Verify the accuracy of the information under the "Your Addresses" and "About You" sections. To update this information, click on the "Edit" button in the relevant section. Make sure to hit "Save" after updating any information.
    2. Select your profile's visibility setting by clicking on the "Edit" button in the section for "Online Public Directory Settings." You have the option to choose: (1) Directory Profile Viewable by Public; (2) Directory Profile Only Viewable by Other Lawyers; and (3) No Directory Profile. Make sure to hit "Save" after updating any information.
    3. If you would like the name that displays on your profile to appear differently than your legal name on file with the ISBA, enter it exactly as you would like it to appear in the "Display Name" field in the "Online Public Directory Settings" section. Make sure to hit "Save" after updating any information.
  3. Click on the button to "View & Edit Your Directory Profile." This will take you to the "Edit Profile" page on the new directory.
  4. When you first access your directory profile, a "profile wizard" will launch and guide you through some basic settings. You will then be prompted to accept the directory's user agreement and taken to the "Edit Profile" page.
  5. On the directory's Edit Profile page, you should:
    1. Upload a profile photo by clicking on the camera icon on the top left.
    2. Add your biography (and other information) in the general section.
    3. Select and rank your practice areas.
    4. Review your settings. Please note that the settings to hide your email and business addresses and your phone number have been defaulted to "yes" (i.e., these addresses are hidden). In order to facilitate client connections, it is advised to change these settings to "No."
    5. Explore the additional ways to enhance your profile.
  6. View your profile by clicking on "Actions" in the navigation at the top of your screen and then selecting "View Profile." You can also simply scroll to the top of the edit profile page and click on "View Profile" in the left-side menu. 

Judges and Government Attorneys

  • In the coming months, members who are judges or government attorneys will be able to "opt-in" to the directory and create their profiles. These members will be notified when this functionality is available.

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How do I remove my profile from the directory?

  • Log into your isba account (see above), click on the "Edit" button in the section titled "Online Public Directory Settings," open the drop-down menu for "Public Profile View," select "No Directory Profile," and hit "Save." Your profile will then be removed from the directory within 20-30 minutes.