Basic Lawyer Referral Service Rules

For all members - insurance/ARDC standing requirements

All Lawyer Referral Service lawyers, whether basic-level or premium members, must agree to:

  • carry, and continue to carry, professional liability insurance with minimum coverage of $100,000 per claim/$300,000 annual aggregate (or comparable coverage if approved by the administrator), notify the ISBA immediately if for any reason my insurance coverage terminates or changes in any way, and authorize the ISBA to confirm coverage directly with their insurance carriers.
  • authorize the ISBA to determine from the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) that they are members in good standing before the Bar of Illinois. They must further authorize the Administrator of the ARDC to disclose to the ISBA all information contained in the Commission's file concerning their status and expressly waive any right to confidentiality under Supreme Court Rule 766.
  • accept a suspension from receiving referrals while a complaint against them is pending as voted by the inquiry Board of the ARDC until the complaint is dismissed or they are permitted to resume practice by the Illinois Supreme Court.
  • abide by all of these rules and in no event hold, or claim to hold, the Association or any of its officers, members, or employees liable in connection with the operation of, or use of the information contained in the application to, the Service.

I hereby agree to meet and abide by all of the ARDC standing/insurance requirements and rules set forth in the section above.

Yes        No