Notice of ISBA Election

The following list of offices in the Illinois State Bar Association are to be filled by the 2023 annual election.

  • 1 – Office of Third Vice-President (Outside Cook County)
  •  7 – Seats on the Board of Governors
  • 17 – Seats on the Cook County Assembly

For Third Vice-President – Outside Cook County – 1 to be elected

No incumbent*

For Board of Governors

Cook County – 2 to be elected


  • Julie A. Johnson, ** Chicago
  • Stephen M. Komie, Chicago

Area 3 (Circuits 12, 13, 16, 21, 23) – 1 to be elected


  • Nicholas Feda, St. Charles

Area 4 (Circuits 10, 14, 15) – 1 to be elected


  • Heather McPherson, Freeport

Area 7 (Circuits 1, 2, 4) – 1 to be elected


  • Wesley A. Gozia, Carlyle

Under Age 37 – Outside of Cook County (Circuits 1-23) – 1 to be elected


  • J. David Sanders, Carbondale

Under Age 37 – Cook County – 1 to be elected


  • Jennifer Haase, Chicago

For Assembly

Cook County – 17 to be elected


  • Michael Alkaraki, Chicago
  • Patrice Ball-Reed,** Chicago
  • Joel L. Chupack,** Chicago
  • Chris Cohen, Glencoe
  • Sandra Crawford, Chicago
  • Umberto S. Davi,** Western Springs
  • Jessica Durkin, Chicago
  • Sharon L. Eiseman, Chicago
  • Gail Tuler Friedman, Chicago
  • Jessie Gonzalez, Chicago
  • David P. Huber,** Chicago
  • Lori G. Levin, Chicago
  • Jeffrey Liss, Winnetka
  • Bruno Ronald Marasso,** Chicago
  • Erica Crohn Minchella,** Skokie
  • Megan Fahey Monty, Chicago
  • Alan Pearlman, Northbrook


Members who wish to be candidates for office must reside in the proper geographic jurisdiction, must meet other requirements for a particular office, and must be in good standing with the ISBA at the close of the nominating period.

Voting Address

Bylaws Sec. 1.11 reads: For purposes of voting and candidacy for ISBA elected office, a member’s voting address shall be their primary legal office as designated by the member. If a member’s primary legal office is not within the State of Illinois, such member may designate their Illinois residence as their voting address; if no voting address is designated, the member shall be considered a non-resident member.

Nominating Petitions

As section council and committee business meetings continue to be held virtually, (1) nominating petitions will be entirely electronic via the ISBA website; (2) candidates must generate a nominating petition on the ISBA website using the form provided; (3) members will be able to view and “sign” (via electronic assent on the ISBA website) all available nominating petitions for whom they are eligible to sign; and (4) the number of required nominating petition signatures remains the same as set forth in the Policies and Procedures on Association Elections. Nominating petitions will be available for candidate generation on or about October 3, 2022 on the Petitions page.

Acceptance Period

Nominating petitions can be signed no earlier than October 3, 2022, and no later than 4:30 p.m. on January 31, 2023. Candidates will be updated weekly on the number of signatories on their petition. At the close of the acceptance period, all ballot positions will be determined by lot amongst all the candidates for the same office.

The ISBA Bylaws and Policy and Procedures on Association Elections, and additional pertinent information, may be found on the ISBA Elections page.


All members of the Association in good standing (except non-lawyer members) are eligible to vote for the office of third vice-president. Any eligible member residing in an area in which there are contested Board of Governors and Assembly elections may vote in those races only.

The 2023 Election will be conducted by electronic voting. Paper ballots will be utilized in some instances. Full details on the voting process will be provided to the full active membership well in advance of the formal election.

October 2022

Robert E. Craghead
Executive Director

By policy, a member’s dues must be paid by March 1, 2023, for the period ending June 30, 2023, to be eligible to vote in ISBA Elections.

* Under the bylaws the third vice-president automatically succeeds to the office of second vice-president; therefore, there is no incumbent for this office.

** Ineligible to succeed due to term limitations.