ISBA Ethics Opinions on Conflict of Interest - Transactional Matters

  • Lawyer’s preparation of trust documents directing trustee to employ lawyer or lawyer’s firm : 99-08
  • Lawyer acting as a trust administrator for, and being compensated by, investment trust company : 99-06
  • Lawyer for lending institution seeking to represent already represented borrower : 99-03
  • Lawyer representing renouncing spouse and claimant in same estate matter, lawyer representing executor and debtor in same estate matter : 96-05
  • Representing buyer and lender in real estate transaction : 90-31
  • Representation of multiple parties in real estate transaction : 90-03
  • Representing business broker on behalf of buyer and seller in same transaction : 89-01
  • Lawyer representing buyer and seller of real estate : 86-15
  • Lawyer member of Attorney’s Title Guaranty Fund using ATG services while representing seller of real estate : 841